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30 Days No Contact, What Should I Do My EX Sends Text?

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30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? When your ex sends you a text message suddenly, if you just sit idle and think about your own affairs, you are not alone. It seems that you never thought you would receive the message from your predecessor, which will let you relax your vigilance and confuse you. So, how do you respond? Have you responded?

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This is a good question. I have some good answers here. You can refer to it.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 1. What do you do when your predecessor texted you

So, what was your first response when your predecessor texted you? You may text a friend and say, “my God! You can’t guess who sent me a text message“ And then they ask if you want to say anything, but will you?

Please wait a moment before you make a decision. Your first reaction may be shock, confusion, or even worry. If you miss them, it could be a good surprise. But before you answer, think about it.

Are they going to return to their clothes or do they need you to stop using their passwords? They just put out their hands for what? Or do they miss you romantically?

Think about what you want before deciding what to say. Depending on the results you want, when your predecessor texts you, there are many ways to handle conversations.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 2. Should you reply when your predecessor sends a text message to you?

Now that you have decided what you want to get from this conversation or what you don’t get, you can figure out what to do.

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For example, if you want to get your ex out of your life, for whatever reason, please don’t respond. I knows it can make people feel mean or cruel. If you have broken up, don’t come back again. If you don’t want them to appear in your life, don’t let them enter your life.

If they obviously just want to ask you a question, or just want to take back what they left behind you, if you really believe that this is all the question, answer it. If you all look forward, you should be able to deal with such things honestly.

If you know you don’t want to be friends with your predecessor, then when your predecessor texts, you’ll put this at the top. Try not to let the conversation run. Finish this task and move on.

But remember, you don’t owe them anything, especially if they’re not good for you. So, don’t reply to your ex’s text messages unless you’re in a good relationship or don’t mind handling special things.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 3. What do you say when your predecessor text you?

If you are happy with the message your predecessor sent you, you should change the way you respond to it. If you want to have a conversation or try to be a friend, there are things you want to say, some things you want to avoid.

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30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 01. Friendly.

Whether you are still angry about what happened when you break up, keep a friendly and polite communication. There’s no need to be so mean.

If you are interested in compounding, you can be flirting and flirting. Don’t get angry or mention anything that can break your relationship.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 02. Don’t go back to the past.

It can be tempting to start again from where you stop. If they say they miss you, it’s easy to blurt out and go back to the pattern of the past. But remember that there’s a reason why you split up.

If you really want to compound, be sure to talk about the reasons that led to your breakup and then solve the problem so that it won’t become a problem again.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 03. Be careful.

Many times, your ex just wanted to test it. They want to know if you will answer, whether they have the chance, and whether you still open the door to them. They may not have the intention to meet or compound. They may want to create dramatic events for you, or just remind you of their existence.

Even if you have hope things can be solved, be prepared to disappear soon.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 04. Honesty.

Don’t cheat them, nor hide your feelings about them or you. If they say they miss you and you don’t want to compound, don’t say you miss them too, and then make an excuse. Now no more whitewash is used.

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Tell them you miss their company and friendship, but you are not interested in them. If you really want to get back to good, but worry about impossible, be honest. They know you still feel about them, but if they continue to text you, you can’t move on.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 05. ask them about their intentions.

If you’re not sure what they want, ask them. If they don’t ask you a specific question, or if they don’t say why they want to text you, ask directly. You can say, “it’s nice to receive your message. What’s your business?”

If they miss you, if they want to ask you something, or they just want to talk to you, they should tell you.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 06. Don’t quarrel.

When your predecessor texted you, it’s easy to pick up from where you left. If your last talk was when you broke up, you would not want to go back to the quarrel with your predecessor. You are no longer together and there is no need to do so.

If you want to respond, be polite.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 07. Talk about your family, friends and work.

If you talk as a friend and hope to save your relationship, then fill it up. Talk about your recent work projects, friends and parents.

Add up the topics you’ll talk about with other friends you haven’t been in touch with for a long time.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 08. Don’t talk about your dating life.

Although you want to catch up with the progress and it’s good to do so, try not to mention your dating life. Of course, if you’ve been saying it all the time, or feeling they feel like you, you have to let them know you’re dating someone else. But don’t vent your date, and don’t talk about it in private.

In the end, you may be able to share your dating stories and even offer advice to each other based on your past. If you just talk simply, don’t overemphasize that.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 09. Meet in public.

If you want to be a friend or think about compounding, texting may not be the best way. It’s not only easier to misunderstand by texting, but you can’t really see if your feelings have changed unless you meet.

I said the reason you should meet in public is to prevent anything that you regret after the event. It’s easy to get into the old model with your predecessor. If you meet in public, you can focus on talking.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? 10. Don’t meet in private.

Phil really wants to make this clear. Whether you want to get back together or not, meeting is the best way to talk about your two intentions without interference.

If you meet in a place with memories, the old situation may float up and cause what you may not want to happen later. Of course, you may want it. Try to say things first, not after.

30 days no contact, what should I do my ex sends text? Whatever the situation, now know what to do when your predecessor texted you. Next time you receive a letter from your predecessor, think about it carefully and take the next step.

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