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3 Ways: How To Make Him Love You More

How to make him love you more?

How to make a man love you more?

How to make my boyfriend love me more?

How to make him want me more?

How to make my boyfriend want me more?

Many girls have these questions. Do you have these questions?


For most women, the hardest part of their love life is not meeting or building attraction with a man, but building a deep connection, an intense emotion and strong feelings that move things from the casual dating stage to a committed, romantic relationship.

How to make him love you more? In short, it’s about understanding the key elements of how to make a man fall deeply in love with you and get him emotionally involved in the first place.



How to make him love you more? This transition period is a sore point for many women who can’t seem to get past casual dating and can’t find out why anyway.

The reason is not because men are “commitment phobic” as many would have you believe, but because a man is not deeply attached to them on an emotional level.

How to make him love you more? We all know that physical attraction fades over time, and it’s the quality of our emotional connection – or lack thereof – with each other that determines the success of a relationship.





What does it mean to be emotionally attached?

How to make him love you more? To understand this question, you must first know what emotional attachment is.

“Emotional attachment” refers to the feelings you have about intimacy and affection that help your relationship last. Emotional attachment is very important in interpersonal relationships.

How do you know if it’s love or emotional attachment?



Lasting love always relies on a healthy attachment, however, the two are not the same. How to make him love you more? Love is about support and giving to each other; you don’t love someone for what they can do or offer.

How to make him love you more? A healthy attachment that goes along with love is when someone is able to meet your needs for intimacy, companionship and validation.

How do you know if someone has an emotional attachment?

Signs you can look out for are if he genuinely enjoys being with you, he always calls or texts you regularly, or he has committed to not dating other people and only spending time with you.

How to make him love you more? The difference between a healthy and an unhealthy attachment is all about whether or not your life is interrupted.

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Is it a bad thing to have feelings for a person?

How to make him love you more? If you feel dependent on their presence and attention, and are constantly obsessed with them, then this is a sign of an unhealthy emotional attachment.

How to make him love you more? A healthy emotional attachment is about spending an equal amount of time having fun with your partner, but also having time for yourself. The two of you share a lot of things in life, but you also both know how to keep certain things separate, like time with your girlfriend, or time with your family, and private time. Sometimes, time alone away from your partner can be good for your mental health.



1. Date him because of who he is, not for his potential.

How to make him love you more? Everyone wants to be accepted and loved for who they really are, but many women make the mistake of dating a man only for his potential – what he could be in five years (with your help, of course).

But men are not projects. When you have an expectation of change in a man, he’ll feel like you’re not seeing him for who he really is. How to make him love you more? For some men, this can make them feel hurt, like they’re not good enough. If a man feels this way at the beginning of a relationship, he’s likely to feel anxious and run away.


How to make him love you more? When I ask men who are happily married why their wives make them think, “Yes, she’s the one I’m looking for,” they usually say, “She never wanted to change me.”

How to make him love you more? Know what kind of person you’re looking for, and then find someone who fits the description.


2. Create emotional security for that person.

How to make him love you more? Creating emotional safety means creating a space where a person can freely express their thoughts, feelings and desires without fear of being judged.

How to make him love you more? When men mention that a woman is easy to talk to, they mean that they are able to say things that they would not normally share with others because they know they will not be judged by others.


3. Keep things light and fun.

How to make him love you more? People remember you based on the experiences you shared together. The more positive and fun experiences you share, the more others will associate those feelings with you.

How to make him love you more? Men and women have different relationship timelines. Women tend to commit to a relationship and rush to establish themselves, skipping over the many fun aspects of dating, while men tend to take a little longer to decide if they want to take the relationship further.



How to make him love you more? It’s important to keep the beginning of a relationship light and fun because for a man, even if he really, really likes you, you’re only dating.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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