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3 Steps: How To Make Him Afraid Of Losing You

How to make him afraid of losing you? 
The more you love him, the more he will love you.

Give him your truest look and he will fall deeply in love.

Show proper weakness

Make him feel needed and feel important

Love doesn’t need heart, but feelings need to be managed.

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How to make him afraid of losing you? 

Do everything for him, but he doesn’t care
Truly achieve emotional independence
A good love is based on independence and self-pleasure.
The feminine charm of your enchantment comes from this.

In intimate relationships, we all want the other person to love us more, so we give without reservation, thinking we will be touched by the other person, and the other person returns the same love, but the result is often the opposite.

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My friend, she and her boyfriend together, without asking for a lot in return, everything for the sake of her boyfriend, can not afford to spend his money, the holiday also never expect gifts, she thought her pay men will be very touched.
The result is the boyfriend’s indifference and do not care. She is very distressed, do not know how to do to make boys care about themselves, more love themselves.
In love, what can be done to make men love themselves more?


How to make him afraid of losing you? 

Emotionally independent girls have the sweetest love
People have a characteristic: the easier you get along, the
The more others feel that your feelings are not worth considering.
When you learn to refuse and decide your own bottom line, others will respect you and respect you.
Others will instead respect you and be in awe of you.

1.Establish a pattern of love

[How to make him afraid of losing you]
At the beginning of the relationship, many men do not know how to love their girlfriends, just together, you always stick to him, asking for security, due to the secretion of dopamine, he will be very good to you, but over time, he will feel so tired of getting along mode, very suffocating.
So we have to put ourselves in a position where we need to be valued and cared for at the beginning, and teach them to treat themselves the way we want to be treated, so that the other person has no reason to slack off, and this is the mode of building love.

For example.
You need to have “I’m precious” at the beginning, and you feel you deserve to be treated well before he will treat you well.
So if you want to be loved and valued, you must first learn to build self-love. Then, the man will know how you should be treated.
Many men do not know how to express love, teach him to get used to your “loved mode”, how you love yourself, your relatives, friends are how to love you, then teach the man who loves you, with the same doting mode to love you.

2.Cultivate the ability to emotional freedom

[How to make him afraid of losing you]
After many girls fall in love, they unknowingly put all their energy and love on their significant other. The consequence of this is that if one day the other person does not love, they feel they have lost the whole world.
So, over-commitment and expectation will only lose yourself.

Learning to allow yourself to achieve emotional independence and develop your emotional freedom involves cultivating other people and things in your life that are important to you, so that your partner will not be your only source of love and happiness.

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Imagine how scary it would be if we needed to rely on someone else for all the love and security we need to achieve, then we can’t live our lives without someone else, and once we don’t have that person’s support, we lose our focus in life.
So, while enjoying the intimacy between your partner in an intimate relationship, we also need to have the ability to feel free. The woman who is emotionally independent is more attractive.
So how do we achieve emotional freedom?

A. Enrich your circle of life, those things that can bring a sense of pleasure to your life should be developed, so that these things enrich your life, so you will reap more happiness.
B. Enrich your circle of friends as much as possible, meet some people who are meaningful to your life, a few more close friends, put your emotions on different people, do not need to lock in your partner, for intimacy is the release of energy.
A good intimate relationship is built on the basis of independence and pleasing yourself, your charm is also derived from this, when your inner more abundant, the greater the charm, he will you more interesting, but also will love you more.

3.Fill his inner emotional vacancy

[How to make him afraid of losing you]
Everyone has an emotional void inside of them that needs to be filled, and these voids make them choose a partner according to their instinctive needs.
You will find that many seemingly well-behaved girls end up being conquered by slutty guys.
This is actually a kind of “compensation psychology” in love, that is, the more you lack something, the more you need to fill something. If the other person has something you do not have, you appreciate and want to have, you are more likely to be attracted to each other.
Because the other person has the personality you aspire to, that is, you are extremely eager but afraid to show something, only with him, you will feel complete.

So in an intimate relationship, give what you can give, rather than give what he really wants. This is why many girls feel that they give a lot in the relationship, but do not get each other’s care and response, because your payment is not what he really wants, not his inner needs and desires.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice or contact me on Bothlive.

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