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25 Flirt Chat For You

What are the flirt chat or flirty chat you can use? Here are some free flirt chat that you can say to your love. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate. 

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25 flirt chat for you

1. For love, time is a selfless ruler: it is time that proves love and time that destroys love. In the face of time, my love for you is self-evident.

2. Acacia time is sour, single pulling a nerve, like a drawl, every time you breathe, it twitches once, but you can’t help breathing!

3. Flirt chat: I believe that in every morning, we raise our eyes, the glow always welcome us a gorgeous wind, we step, the sun will point to our broad roads.

4. Love, originally is wine, a drink drunk; Miss, originally is the sea, easily submerged me; You, originally a flower, have already quietly opened in my heart.

5. Flirt chatTo love someone is to like to have the present with her, but recall the past with her, tell her how to secretly like her in that year, and stare at her from a distance.

Flirt chat for you

6. Whenever I sit alone in front of the window, I feel lonely and isolated. I want to hold your warm hand, but after I recover my reason, I know that we are far away.

7. God, my shadow follows you everywhere, my eyes are watching you all the time… Damn, I mean – except when you take a bath!

8. Flirt chat: Honey, you know what? I want to – with my love to lead your heart, with my love with your life! If I can, I’d like to sign a love agreement for two lives with you.

9. You and I are single winged angels. Only by embracing each other can we spread our wings and fly. It is said that people come to the world just to find another half. I have worked so hard to find you!

10. Flirt chatKnowing each other is a kind of destiny. The intersection of our hearts makes us have endless romantic feelings; Staying together is a kind of promise. In the reincarnation of human life, we will always remember this beautiful love story!

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Flirt chat for you

11. No matter the flowers bloom or fall, you will have a good life; Let’s see the clouds rolling and relaxing. Having you is the happiness of my life. Broken time, long years, love, such as towering trees, out of sweet flowers.

12. Fate let me meet you, feeling let me like you, loneliness let me remember you, miss Let me think of you, dream let me dream of you, everything in my heart is you, want to say: I love you.

13. Flirt chat: Light miss, deep blessing, like you like the crescent acid off half of the face! Like your frequent, ordinary although not remarkable, but in my heart is always so worth missing!

14. You are my love, you are my sweetheart; You are my confidant, you are my lucky star; You are the most prosperous woman in the world. Dear wife, you have worked hard. I wish you a happy holiday!

15.Flirt chat We’ve been in love for so long, I know enough about you, I’m tired of, tired of the same life of boyfriend and girlfriend, sorry, I don’t want to continue. Why don’t we get married?

Flirt chat for you

16. Hand in hand, walk together on the road of love; Shoulder to shoulder, work together on the career road; Back to back, life together on the road to pay! Dear, I hope we will be together all our lives and never separate!

17. I miss you very much today, and the sudden drop of temperature can’t make it go out. If we can carry each other in this life, we will love you to the sunset. No matter how the world changes, the rose in my heart will never wither!

18. Flirt chat: How can a bosom friend forget the waves in the sea of flowers in the mountains. I want to see you every day, but time doesn’t allow me to send a message to you to show that I miss you. I wish you good luck and good dreams!

19. I want to be with you all the time. Even if I wash my clothes every day, happiness will surely permeate my heart; I always want to be by your side. Even if I cook for you, I will smile all the time.

20. Flirt chatI love you forever. I believe that this true love will permeate every corner of our century, every inch of the air, chasing the tenderness of the moonlight and the blazing heat of the sun, forever, forever.

Flirt chat for you

21. The vast sea of people, encounter is not easy, love more to cherish. More sincerity, can be devoted to the right; Less lies can keep us together for a long time. Don’t let true love lose to doubt, true love lose to suspicion.

22. Heaven and earth are eternal, love is intoxicating, emotion is inseparable, heart is sincere and frank, and you are always the only. Baby, I want you to be happy forever!

23. Flirt chat: When you love someone, you know what life is like. It was so sweet that you couldn’t sleep. Because I’m in love with you, I’m enjoying the sweetness.

24. If missing is a wisp of smoke, let the wind blow to your side, let you know how much I miss you; If care is a drop of rain, let the rain on your head, let you know how much I miss you; Did you catch a cold?

25. Flirt chatBuy your own roses. Forget it. You’ll be laughed at; Buy chocolate, forget it, you’ll get fat; Light the candle, forget it, no lover; Valentine’s day, I wish you and I have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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