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2021 Say Hey I Love You Movie! Squeeze His Hand After Watching

1. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“One Day”

“True Love Picks the Day” performed by the goddess Anne Hathaway, is listed in many people’s love film collections. The heroes and heroines met on the day of graduation and became good friends. They met on one day each year. The wonderful friendship lasted for 20 years. They all experienced life, work, and emotional transitions, leading the audience to understand the beauty and importance of “grasping the present.” Sex. After watching this movie, I hope you will boldly Say Hey I Love You Movie.


2. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“About time”

The male protagonist Tim unexpectedly discovered that he would “travel through time and space,” so he went back and forth to try to redeem the missed female protagonist and succeeded in winning true love. It not only discusses love, but also includes family relationships and life choices. It is the happiest thing to cherish every moment with your loved one. This is a movie that seems to let people say Say Hey I Love You.

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3. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

“Ace Enemy”, released in 2004, is still an undefeated classic after 16 years! After the heroes and heroines with different personalities meet and break up, the heroine Clementine seeks advanced medical technology to eliminate the memories between the two. Breaking through the framework and formula of romance films, using flashbacks and interlaced timing, but still let people understand the nature of love, won the 2005 Oscar for best original script, hurry up and make up!


4. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“The Notebook”

It tells the story of a poor boy Noah who fell in love with his daughter Allie, but was forced to separate because of his family background. Noah wrote a letter every day for 365 days and sent no reply. Then, because of the outbreak of World War II, they separated the two completely. . This is a Movie of Say Hey I Love You, and the end of the story is so touching that you can’t stop tears. It’s worth experiencing or revisiting it again.


5. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“Love rosie”

For example, in the Western version of “Cheng Youqing and Li Daren”, the hero and heroine of “True Love Circles” have been childhood sweethearts since they were 5 years old. They can know each other’s intentions from their eyes and smiles. They are each other’s best friends, but they have never been able to go further. Associate. Even if you can guess the plot direction, but with the blessing of handsome men and beautiful women, the pink romantic bubble of the movie will be echoed for a long time.

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6. Say Hey I Love You Movie-Man Up

Think you are too old and you have no chance of happiness? Let “Counterfeit Love” give you the courage to chase love again! The heroine Nancy accidentally hits and starts a date with the hero Jack. The two people who have failed in their relationship have developed a good impression after getting along and interacting. The humorous and touching plot may give you some strength to the injured.


7. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao”

From 2010 to 2017, the trilogy series of “Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao” definitely impresses both men and women nowadays. Discussing the budding, encounter, jealousy, running-in, quarrel, breakup and nostalgia of each love, as if you can see the epitome of your relationship when you are in love, at which stage are you now?


8. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“Love”

In 2012, “Love” directed by Niu Chengze gathered many actors such as Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, Ruan Jingtian, Zhao Youting, Peng Yuyan, Guo Caijie, Chen Yihan, etc. to reveal the various aspects of love: love triangle, sad love, brother-in-law love or disparity Identity lovers, etc., after watching the movie, they will think about “love” more broadly and more deeply, and of course they will also want to have a hard-hearted relationship.


9. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“P.S. I Love You P.S. I Love You”

Speaking of classic love movies, “P.S. I Love You”, which made the female audience cry heartbroken, absolutely must mention! The male protagonist who died of cancer left many letters in order to get his wife out of the pain. Following the instructions in the letter, she also reviewed the bits and pieces since the two had met, and finally decided to go on bravely. Every scene and dialogue are full of onions, but apart from tears, this film asks everyone to cherish the person in front of you, he/she is already a very good person! So after we watch the movie, we must often Say Hey I Love You Movie.

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10. Say Hey I Love You Movie-500 days of summer

Subverting the script of “True Love Is Destined”, the hero of “Xia Xia 500 Days” believes that the heroine is a true goddess, and everything in life is perfected by her appearance, but this seems to be his self-directed and self-acted drama theater. After reading it, you will understand the truth of “Summer is gone, and autumn will come.” It is a must-see healing work for broken relationships.


11. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“Marriage Story”

“Marriage Story” starring Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson tells a story of a broken-up couple fighting for the custody of their children. There is also a 10-minute quarrel. The emotional recoil remains long after watching the movie. Using ordinary and daily plots to explore the essence of marriage, it also makes people rethink the definition of love. It has become the most popular romantic film choice in 2020 and has been nominated for multiple Oscar awards.


12. Say Hey I Love You Movie-“Love is you, love is me Love Actually”

In 2003, “Love is You, Love is Me”, which was performed by a number of big screen A coffees, was re-released in 2021 and the digitally restored version has once again warmed the hearts of many movie fans. The emotional entanglement intertwined by the 9 branches shows the completeness, regret, and reconciliation of love. At the end, it broadcasts “Love is everywhere”, giving people the courage and hope to believe in love.

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