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How To Make A Guy Laugh Really Hard Over Text?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:How to make a guy laugh really hard over text

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How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? Girls must know 7 classic Funny text.

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How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 01. What’s the matter with text B?

I’m sorry, the subscriber you dialed is running naked, please redial later. You can’t believe it, so call back

Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is out of the service area, please redial later.

How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 02. A man afraid of shyness

A shy man never has the courage to love the woman he loves. She knows and loves him very well, so she often creates opportunities for him to show his love, but he can never take advantage of the opportunities she creates.

One night, he was sitting on a park bench with her, and he was silent as usual. She couldn’t help but make another chance to hint to him:

“It is said that the length of a man’s arm is equal to that of a woman’s waist. Believe it or not?”

“Is it true?” He replied, “it’s a pity I didn’t bring a rope to measure it.”

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How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 03. Doomed

Robert is very superstitious. He does divination all day. One day, a bowl handed down by him as a monk was about to be broken at noon one day. He thought to himself, this is providence, and it is absolutely inevitable.

In order to see for himself how the bowl was broken, he tied it with a rope and hung it high on the beam of the house. On the scheduled day, he was staring at the ancient bowl.

At this time, his wife had already cooked the meal, and repeatedly asked the child to ask him to eat, but he would not leave. His wife was so angry that she went to see what happened. When she saw him, she became more and more angry. Without a word, she picked up a stick and aimed it at the bowl, which was smashed to pieces.

Robert was not angry, but said to himself: Well, it’s like this. Everything is doomed and doomed!

How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 04. Hilarious family life

The man asked his daughter-in-law for $2 to buy cigarettes, but his wife said nothing, which happened to be seen by the man’s father. The father called the man into the room and scolded him: “you’re a man. You don’t even have two dollars. I’m ashamed of you for being so afraid of your wife. Don’t ask your wife for the money. I’ll give it to you in the evening. “

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The man asked, “Dad, why don’t you give it to me now?”

Father said: “I have no money now. I’ll go to your mother in the evening.”

How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 05. Take a bust

The neighbor went to the pavilion near the market to take a snapshot and take a bust. She went into the pavilion, took photos, and waited for the photos to develop automatically.

She took a look and exclaimed, “my God, my picture looks like a monkey!”

A woman behind said coldly, “I’m sorry, that’s mine. Yours will wait five minutes.”

How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 06. Twins

A mother took her twin sons to the store to buy clothes. When the assistant tried them on, she walked away.

The mother said angrily, “why don’t you let them look in the mirror and see if they fit?”

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The salesman said innocently, “why? They just have to look at each other. “

How to make a guy laugh really hard over text? 07. Make fun of life

a: “If there is a serious traffic accident and you have only one breath left, will you call your mother or your wife when you pick up your mobile phone before you die?”

b: “I have to delete the photos and messages from my mobile phone first.”

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