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Best Comment On Girl Pic To Impress Her: How To Praise Others

Best comment on girl pic to impress her

In life, many people have interpersonal troubles, such as being pushed out by classmates in school, being isolated by colleagues in work, and wanting to publish best comment on girl pic to impress her, etc. Many interpersonal books suggest that we “learn to praise others.”. But these books don’t tell us “what to do.”. Here, I will tell you several specific ways of praise.

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Best comment on girl pic to impress her: How to praise others 1. Praise must be specific

When many people praise others, their language seems simple and empty, which makes it difficult for them to make each other happy and impressed

The boy said to the girl, “you are very beautiful today” ×

The boy said to the girl, “the clothes you are wearing today are very suitable for you. The black coat is thin, the clothes are slightly shorter, and your legs are long. The color matching makes you more energetic and energetic.” ☑

Say to colleagues: “you work really hard, so diligent” ×

“You come to work 15 minutes in advance every day and often work overtime until 8 p.m., which is really hard work,” he said to his colleagues. I must learn from you. ” ☑

Praise must be specific, so that you will appear sincere, will let the other party think you understand him. Here, beauty is a very empty term, through “clothes, clothing” to highlight the beauty of each other. The same is true of hard work. We can highlight his hard work and diligence through some specific examples, such as “going to work early and working overtime”.

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Best comment on girl pic to impress her: How to praise others 2. Praise others for what you are good at

In our reading period, if people with poor academic performance said to us: “you are so smart, I can’t do this problem, but you can solve it so easily.” We may not take it in mind, but if the first classmate in the grade says the same thing to us, we will certainly keep it in mind, and even publicize it as an honor.

I usually have the habit of fitness, when my friends or classmates say I have a good figure, I don’t think so. However, if the fitness coach says that I’m doing well, then I will be very happy. The principle is very simple. When we do something, if we can get the recognition of powerful people in this field, then we will feel happy.

Best comment on girl pic to impress her: How to praise others 3. Sincere and polite praise

I believe this is easy for all of us to understand, and we can’t believe too much pompous language. You can praise girls for their beauty, but if you say, “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. After seeing you, I feel that I have lived in vain for the first half of my life.”

Like this, it seems too false, ordinary people will not believe it, but will give you the label of “boast” and “glib”.

Of course, glib is not a disadvantage. It just depends on the specific situation. If you are too glib in your work, it is easy for others to have a sense of distrust and give people a feeling of not being steady enough.

But in some relaxed occasions, glib can really make the chat atmosphere more relaxed and easier to highlight the sense of existence. But on the whole, sincerity is absolutely right. Remember: no one can refuse sincerity.

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Best comment on girl pic to impress her: How to praise others 4. Praise what others value

Everyone has their own value, in praise of others, the best way is to praise others value. Of course, if you are familiar with the other party, you will know that the other party is familiar with you, and you will know what the other party values. Here is a tip: look at the other party’s social platform.

If a person’s social life is dominated by delicious food, it’s absolutely right for you to praise the other person’s “gourmet” (remember to praise with specific examples). If a person’s social communication is to forward all kinds of entrepreneurial projects and marketing plans, then you can’t be wrong in praising the other person’s “progressive, ideal and strong execution”. In addition, for female students, “weight”, “skin” and “dress” are all aspects of praise

Best comment on girl pic to impress her: How to praise others 5. Praise with a third party

If you have a lot of friends in common with each other, this method is very suitable. For example: “XX once told me that he thinks you are reliable and practical.”

“To tell you the truth, no matter our elders or our mutual friends, when they talk about you, they all praise you.”

Tips: this “third party” is the best person for the other party to “value”. When we praise the other party with our own words, the other party may not believe it, or the other party simply “does not cherish” your appreciation. When you use the language of the third party, the other party is more likely to believe it and will be more happy.

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Best comment on girl pic to impress her: How to praise others 6. Praise the shortcomings of others

Principle: it’s very common for a good person to be praised by others, so if you still praise the other person’s merits, it’s hard to make a deep impression on the other person. For example, a girl with a good figure, you say she has a good figure, it is difficult to impress her, because there are too many people said she has a good figure.

Praising others for their shortcomings, which I saw in a book many years ago, is very difficult to operate. It’s easy to make the other person feel that you are “satirizing” her. I’ve only used it a few times in recent years, and the effect is very good every time.

If you want to win others’ favor, especially if you want to leave a deep impression on girls through comments, you must be a little “hypocritical” in language and action. Maybe some people will disdain to do this kind of thing, which I can understand. So I will write down everything I know. You can choose some good ones to practice. Only in this way can you grow faster.

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