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How To Not Care What Other People Think? The Dilemma Of Overly Sensitive People

How To Not Care What Other People Think?

How can I live a chic and comfortable life, without caring about others?

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How To Not Care What Other People Think? The Dilemma Of Overly Sensitive People

How can I live a chic and comfortable life without caring about others?

How to not care what people think of you?

How to stop caring what other people think?

How to stop caring what people think of you?

How To Not Care What Other People Think?

Always very sensitive, caring about the opinions of others, how to adjust yourself?

“Sensitive people are not easy to be happy. If others hurt them or they hurt others, it will make them feel sick.”

How To Not Care What Other People Think?
1. Sensitive people are not easy to feel happy

Sensitivity is a word we often hear in our lives, and it is also a keyword that many people mention when describing themselves. Strictly speaking, sensitivity is not a shortcoming, but objectively it does cause distress to many people. Studies have found that about 15%-20% of people in our lives are very sensitive. This is a very large group, so practical bacteria feel that we must understand what kind of sensitivity is.

 “Sensitivity” is to react quickly and strongly to external things physically or psychologically. This is a dimension of normal and innate personality characteristics.

Of course, if you are too sensitive, it will make people around you feel uncomfortable and even unbearable. Sensitive people can sometimes be aware of this problem, but they also find it difficult to control themselves. So here we need to think about what causes people to become more sensitive than they can be contained.

How To Not Care What Other People Think? From the perspective of cognitive psychology, the psychological process of human beings is the same as the software system of a computer. It is a process of continuous input and output of information.

In the process of inputting information, sensitive people are like wearing a magnifying glass, and it is easier to capture some details. For ordinary people, these details will be automatically ignored because they are too subtle, but sensitive people do not need special attention. , Can perceive and capture.

How To Not Care What Other People Think?
2. Characteristics of sensitive people

 Because of this psychological mechanism, sensitive people often have the following characteristics:

How To Not Care What Other People Think?
(1) Easy to worry about small things

The words, expressions, and actions of others will be infinitely magnified, which is an out-and-out “detail control”. This causes them to often lose their temper or even get angry about things that others think are small. Such overreactions often make it difficult for people around them to understand.

How To Not Care What Other People Think?
(2) Extremely sensitive to the psychological needs and emotional feelings of others

Its advantage is that it can read the true thoughts of others, and it is easy to take the initiative to satisfy each other and win better interpersonal relationships. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to be affected by other people’s emotions, cares too much about other people’s eyes, and tends to interpret other people’s reactions negatively, which brings a lot of unnecessary pressure and distress to oneself.

Therefore, sensitive people are not what we usually understand, but a kind of unreasonable making trouble. On the contrary, in the eyes of the parties, they are just seeking truth from facts, and those large amounts of details are so real in their feelings that they have to react.

How To Not Care What Other People Think?
3. Sensitivity can be for things, or it can be for yourself

(1) Their sensitivity to things is more positive, and it is a very important way to success.

We know that those talented and creative people often have keen insight and sense of smell in certain aspects, and they can find some different shining points in some seemingly ordinary things. But more often in life, sensitive people are more likely to focus on evaluating themselves. An unconscious look or movement of others may be understood by them as evaluating themselves. This excessive self-focus can increase feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression.

(2) “A word from others inadvertently will set off a storm in your heart like a butterfly effect, which will not be calmed for a long time.”

When a person pays too much attention to self-evaluation, it can easily trigger negative emotions. We generally believe that a vulnerable and inferior person is more likely to become sensitive. We can also find that when a person is always sensitive, the heart becomes more vulnerable. Between vulnerability and sensitivity, which is the source is difficult to define, but their mutual influence will indeed lead our psychological state into a negative vicious circle.

One thing to emphasize here is that each of us will inevitably be more sensitive to certain things than others.

(3) From the perspective of psychology, what a person’s experience of the world ultimately forms is a psychological reality. In other words, what the world looks like objectively is one thing, but what people feel about the world in their hearts is another matter. How to stop caring what people think of you? There is always a big difference between this psychological reality and objective reality. We all have the same objective reality, but what everyone experiences is a vastly different psychological reality.

The psychological reality is more determined by a person’s experience and experience. Each of us will have our own unique “sensitive points” because each of us has a unique personal history.

How To Not Care What Other People Think? When we find that they are overreacting in some seemingly ordinary things, the real concern is not whether they are doing it right or wrong, but why they do it. Only when we truly understand the psychological factors behind it, can we free ourselves or others from our past experiences. This is a truly valuable way of looking at problems.

How To Not Care What Other People Think?
4. How do you adjust yourself to people who are always sensitive?

How To Not Care What Other People Think?

(1) Feeling truth does not represent objective facts.

How to stop caring what other people think?

The world we see with the naked eye is a kind of reality, and the world we see with a microscope is also a kind of reality. The mistake made by people who are too sensitive is to use the microbial world seen under a microscope to explain the real world in the naked eye, which is inappropriate. Some patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder are always worried that there are many bacteria on their hands, so they think that their hands are dirty and need to be washed constantly, which is the result of this logic of thinking.

Therefore, when we have troubles, we must first think about the importance of things and consider the size of the things themselves. If it is a small matter, you need to remind yourself that perhaps your sensitive way of thinking is misleading you.

How To Not Care What Other People Think?

(2) If you are a person who is very sensitive to the opinions of others, you should remind yourself that not so many people pay attention to yourself, just as we seldom pay attention to others.

How to not care what people think of you? Sensitive people often have the illusion that their every move will be under the close gaze of others, so if they make a mistake, others will laugh and despise them. Such thinking can easily lead to negative speculation.

How To Not Care What Other People Think? In response to this situation, we can try the method of self-suggestion. When you find someone else has some “suspicious” behavior, you should suggest that you want to be calm, you should make a comprehensive analysis and understanding, remind yourself that everyone has their own life, even if you make small mistakes in certain things, others will Doesn’t care. Through such self-suggestion, you can adjust your mood and improve your self-identity.

How To Not Care What Other People Think? Each of us may have some unique things, and these qualities sometimes make us uncomfortable. Don’t always try to eliminate them, the problem is to help us grow. The more you reject it, the more it gives you headaches; you accept it, take it to grow, and finally, it disappears by itself. The so-called life is like this.

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