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Health quotes: 21 Advice For You

Some health quotes from China give you!

1. The greatest wealth in life is hope, the greatest capital in life is health. Healthy lifestyle quotes: The greatest happiness in life is happiness, the greatest luck in life is peace! Material is the basis of health, spirit is the pillar of health, exercise is the source of health, science is the magic weapon of health, health business is the guarantee of health. 


2. Concept is more important than ability, planning is more important than implementation, action is more important than commitment, choice is more important than effort, respect for life is more important than others’ views! Wellness quote: We must understand that we create every “disease” in our own body, and if we master our body, we master our life. Give the body enough energy will completely change their lives.


3. A regular life is the secret of health and longevity. A healthy body is the living room of the soul, a sick body is the confinement room of the soul. Don’t spend money on treating illnesses, don’t be upset with yourself. Health quotes: Sickness to the body relaxed, overcome disease must be optimistic. To live well, do not have a small heart, good anger control, life countless. Healthy lifestyle quotes: Smiling mouth open, the disease does not come, heart trouble, the disease comes.


4. Angry four harm: blood pressure becomes high, blood lipids thicken, blood color becomes purple, blood vessels become thin. Leads to brain congestion, myocardial infarction! Longevity six precepts six to: a quit indulgence, two quit fame, three quit smoking, four quit overeating, five quit laziness, six quit depression. Health quotes: One to limit alcohol and more tea, two to work hard exercise, three to be open-minded, four to chew slowly, five to be indifferent and quiet, six to clear the mind.


5. Room wide building wide, not as wide as the heart; a thousand good good, not as good as the heart. Health quotes: You have 10,000 kinds of functions, you can conquer the world, and even change the human race, you do not have health, can only be empty talk. Wellness quote: Wise people want to career without forgetting health, fools only care about catching up and disregard everything.


6. People can do many stupid things in life, but one of the most stupid things is to neglect health. Exercise can replace health care products, but all drugs and health care products can not replace exercise. Healthy lifestyle quotes: Health by health business, exercise by perseverance. Activity is like Ganoderma lucidum, you don’t have to look hard for the magic formula. Bounce every day, the doctor will never find.


7. Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, and trust is the best virtue. Health quotes: Health is not a matter of physical condition, but a matter of spiritual condition. Do not decorate yourself with treasures, but arm your body with health. A heart that can hold a boat in its chest, a long and healthy life over a hundred years. If you can pull a cart in your heart and chest, you will live a long and healthy life for more than a hundred years.


8. Not afraid of low wages, afraid of life to the west. Not afraid of earning less money, but afraid of dying early. Health quotes: Cure the disease first to cure God, medicine treatment first to cure the heart; physical health to strengthen the body, mental health to strengthen the heart. If you want to be healthy, practice every day, health is the companion of longevity, exercise is the source of health.


9. Let nature take its course and act according to your ability. Health quotes: Treat yourself well, no shame. Let it happen, and become a natural interest. Let the horse run its course, happy and healthy. Life has a destiny to meet, why do not get along with people. When a person reaches his prime, he sighs that his time is short, my life is in me, not in the sky. If you don’t have the habit of being peaceful, you will not have a healthy body.

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10. When you are young, you give up your health to acquire wealth; when you are old, you give up all your wealth to restore your health. The body is the carrier of intelligence and the capital of career. Healthy lifestyle quotes: If you are responsible for your later years, you should not overspend on your health in your later years. The way of thinking determines the way out, the concept determines the direction, the character determines the fate, and the lifestyle determines the health.


11. Life is like a mirror, can shine a person’s shadow. You cry it also cries, you laugh it also laughs. Healthy lifestyle quotes: Crying a lot of disease, laughing a lot of disease is not. The day often smiling face, seven or eight full people do not age, do not ask the gentleman to stay in the spring, indifference and tranquility than the good medicine. Three smiles a day, life is difficult to grow old. Three annoyances a day, not old also old.


12. A smile, ten years less, smile often, health is always there. Health quotes: Worry a worry, white head, every day worry, add disease and reduce life. Pay attention to health, indifferent to money, death does not take away, life does not bring. Forget the past, cherish the present, enjoy today, optimistic about the future.


13. Pass is not pain, pain is not pass. Blood vessels are smooth, all diseases are not born. Health quotes: The brain is often used, the eyes and ears. If the spirit is not transported, it is foolish, and if the blood vessels are not open, it is sick. Good health, good and pleasant mood, is the best money for happiness.


14. The method of healthy longevity: “health care exercise, fast walking and jogging”; the way of healthy longevity: “three, four, five meals, seven or eight minutes full”; the secret of healthy longevity: “regular work and rest, regular life “; the golden key to a long and healthy life: “mental balance and joy every day”.


15. Life lies in exercise and life lies in rest. Health quotes: Keep optimistic emotions and follow the rules of life. Exercise on time during the day, and your body will be well. Rest on time at night, the spirit will be restful. A small amount of wine, a healthy friend; more wine, the culprit.


16. A healthy beggar, than a sick king is happier.


17. Disease is not used to treat, is used to prevent.


Health quotes:

18. Men do not take care of health, equal to working for other men, women do not take care of health, it is equal to other women to vacate the place.


19. People live to spend is the asset, dead into heritage. The sad thing is: people in heaven, money in the bank, wife sleeping in someone else’s bed.


Health quotes:

20. Lost health, win the world and how?

21. Health is not the first, it is the only!


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