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Curvy VS Fat, Which Would You Choose?


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Curvy vs Fat, which would you choose? Introduction as the saying goes, men look at height and women look at fat and thin. In today’s society, men often judge women by their fullness and curves. Generally speaking, it is said that men like slim, thin and tall women, but in fact men prefer women with fat and even figure.

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Slim women have a strong youthful vitality, while plump women exude women’s unique temperament, so many men don’t know how to choose between the two. So do men like “curve women” or “fat women”? Take a look at the man’s heart.

Curvy vs Fat 1. Watson / 32 years old

Curvy vs Fat, which would you choose? My wife and I have been married for more than five years. At my age, although we are the group who married later, I have seen a lot of women.

I remember when I first entered the society, like most young people, I liked the curvy and slim girls and always felt that they had temperament. So at that time, I found my first girlfriend. She was a tall and thin girl , a height of 172cm and a face of melon seeds. She was very beautiful. When I was with him, I almost put all my energy on her. Whenever I have time, I will take her to play and feel life. But after a long time, I feel that I lack something.

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When I was with her, my friends always said that she was not very healthy, and even some people advised my girlfriend not to lose weight when she was 85. Because her immunity is not good, so often have a cold and so on, the physical condition is not very good, but also because relatively thin, no strength.

I remember that every time I hugged, I would feel scared, and I didn’t feel a bit when I hugged. Later, because of the reasons of life, we broke up peacefully. Now I met my wife, who is the kind of woman with fat.

At home, she makes me feel like a woman I can rely on. She is very strong and stable. Although she is fat, in fact, her figure proportion is very good. Every time I am with her, I can feel her kind of woman’s unique temperament. I think she is plump. Compared with slim girls, I prefer my wife. And like my wife, her figure has become more mellow since she gave birth to a baby, so I prefer slim women to plump women.

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Curvy vs Fat 2. Neville / 24 years old

Curvy vs Fat, which would you choose? I always like plump and fat women, but after experiencing it, I found that I like thin women.

I remember in the farm, most of the girls are thin and weak, I don’t think they are good-looking at all. So after graduating from high school, I like fat girls very much, but I gradually feel that plump women are too greasy, and I like them more than slim girls.

In contrast, plump and fat women are getting older or after having children, and their bodies are changing. I think they are not good-looking when I think of their fat. At that time, I didn’t work at the construction site, so I went to the supermarket to be a shopping guide. My girlfriend and I knew each other. She was very slim.

In the whole supermarket, she is the most beautiful one. When I first got to the supermarket, I fell in love with her. Although it is undeniable that men like plump women, there are also many people who like slim women. So in contrast, I think slim women look better.

Curvy vs Fat 3. Nemo / 29 years old

Curvy vs Fat, which would you choose? My wife and I met through friends. When we first met, I thought she was a little fat, but because we had a good chat at that time, we didn’t care about her appearance.

After a long time together, I think she is very good-looking. Her round face and shoulders are well proportioned. Although she is a little short, on the whole, she is good-looking. She is my favorite type. When I’m with her, I can feel her intimacy. Every time I hug, I feel very safe.

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It is said that plump and fat women are easy to take care of. It’s true. After being with me. In the second year of marriage, she gave birth to a baby for me. Like her mother, the baby has a round figure. For me, I prefer a plump woman like my wife, who will be more gentle and virtuous.


Curvy vs Fat, which would you choose? Curve women and fat women are liked by some people, but they like different types at different ages. For example, when they are young, they mostly like thin and tall women. When they get married, they like fuller women.

Everyone likes different, some like slim, some like plump fat. So women don’t have to change their body shape and let men like you. After all, health is a woman’s biggest capital.

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