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How To Make Friends After College?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: How to make friends after college

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How to make friends after college 01.

You have to find out the most basic one first, what is the nature of interpersonal relationship in the workplace after graduation. Many new employees have not made it clear that the company recruits you to do things, not to make friends, not to teach and learn how to be worldly.

In essence, you don’t need to please others, and you don’t need to be afraid of anyone. Your task is only one: do a good job and do a good job. In addition, learning more can improve your skills.

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How to make friends after college 02.

“Value exchange, information exchange, mutual benefit” is the foundation of interpersonal communication

How to make friends after college 03.

After you graduate, you will understand in your work that you do not need to be friends with all people. If you do something, you must be friends with your colleagues. Then either your company is not operating well, or there is a problem in your direction.

How to make friends after college 04.

Never test humanity. Because most of the time, people choose to be a good person, not their nature.

How do you make friends after college? 05.

Others help you because you are worth helping.

How to make friends after college 06.

Even if you are introverted and can’t speak, you have strong strength and good performance. Even if you have little communication with your colleagues, you can still be liked by others, and your colleagues are willing to make friends with you. Because the workplace only depends on the results.

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How to make friends after college 07.

When communicating with others, don’t interrupt others casually. Even if you think what he said is wrong, you should wait for others to finish and then express your opinion.

How to make friends after college 08.

Learn to praise others sincerely. Speak ill to your face; Good words on the back. Praising him in front of others is a hundred times more sincere than praising him alone.

Lincoln once wrote a letter and said frankly, “everyone likes to be flattered.” William James, a famous American psychologist, also said: “the greatest desire in human nature is to be recognized and praised by the outside world.”

How do you make friends after college? 09.

Communicate and talk with others, learn to listen, be a good listener, don’t interrupt when others are talking. Don’t rush to evaluate or summarize. Most of the time, what the talker needs is empathy, not preaching.

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How to make friends after college 10.

Never laugh at one’s dream.

How to make friends after college 11.

Let others know how grateful you are when they have helped you. You can prepare a gift, invite him to dinner, or help him do what he can. If you can’t do it for the time being, express your sincere thanks to him in public.

How to make friends after college 12.

Don’t expect someone to help you when you’re down. Don’t stop. The way out of the trough is to take another step!

How to make friends after college 13.

1% of a person’s emotions can be resolved by relatives, friends or lovers. But 99% of emotions and challenges you have to face on your own. And this process is called growth.

How to make friends after college 14.

Don’t easily say your ideal, don’t give others the opportunity to laugh at youGodfather

How do you make friends after college? 15.

Be closer to your friend, but closer to your enemy, so that you can know him betterGodfather

How to make friends after college 16.

The interpersonal relationship in the workplace is delicate and complex, and you will never be unfair. So the best way is to speak less and do more. Just as intelligence is naturally different, emotional intelligence is also naturally different. Some people will naturally get along with others, while others will not work hard. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry too much about it.

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How to make friends after college 17.

When you come to a new company, your boss or boss may say to you like this: “don’t be rude, just treat this place as a big family. Everyone gets along very well.” When you hear these words, don’t take them seriously. They are just polite words.

How to make new friends after college? 18.

You can have your own way of working, but hard work and seriousness are always the premise. Thinking about what others have never thought is the springboard for you to stand out. Because when you take the initiative to improve your work, it is the best way to improve yourself. Others come with it.

How to make new friends after college? 19.

There must be shortcomings. In the workplace, there must be shortcomings, a perfect and flawless person, will be hated, will be far away. If even the boss keeps away from you, the career path is dangerous.

So smart people will deliberately expose some shortcomings, especially the trivial shortcomings, so that the boss thinks he can hold you, that is the safest situation. But the shortcoming can’t be fatal, but it can’t be your real weakness. It can only be the afterlife program you talk about when chatting. You can get close to others, but you can’t threaten them.

How to make new friends after college? 20.

Treat every lie as a matter of life, so you won’t feel guilty if you lie.

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