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6 Tips: How To Make Your Friend Feel Better

As we grow older and the human world changes, the chances of encountering things that make people sad are getting higher and higher. So how to make your friend feel better?

1. Listen attentively and learn to pause

How to make someone feel better after a breakup? If talking will relieve anxiety, and listening is the key to determine the effectiveness of the conversation.

Listen, not to remain silent, but listen carefully to what the other side said, did not say anything, and the real meaning. Listening is not about rushing to give your opinion, giving ideas, or asking questions. How to make your best friend feel better? Often we rush to share our own stories or ask questions to get to the truth of the matter, thinking that this is the proper posture for listening. However, listening should be about using our eyes, ears and heart to hear the other person’s voice, not rushing to the truth and immediately jumping to conclusions about events. This can lead to misunderstanding and hurt, and good intentions can do bad things.


How to make your friend feel better? The right approach is to find a relatively secluded and relaxed space with some stress relieving drinks, some moving but quiet music is great. You sit comfortably and start the conversation in a relaxed, private atmosphere.

During the conversation, sometimes talking, sometimes listening, when you hear your inner voice ringing “I don’t understand ……”, it is time to pause and ask the other person: am I missing something in detail? Is this question like this? How to make someone feel better after a breakup? We must remind ourselves to slow down the unconscious mechanical response, for example, want to quickly solve each other’s anxiety, and therefore did not think about the problem, it jumped straight to the stage of action – to say something or do something that we think is good for each other.

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2. A friend, not a savior

How to make your friend feel better? Helping someone through a difficult time is not the same as “saving” them from a painful situation. You are not his hero, and he is not your slave. People have the right and responsibility to suffer the consequences of their actions and the hardships they bring. We accept their pain, let them feel it, and do not try to dissipate it quickly. We try to provide the bridge that allows them to cross the “river of fear. How to make your best friend feel better? The most basic rule for supporting others when they are in pain is to allow them to cry. Crying is the body’s way of trying to get the emotional toxins out of the body, and crying is the process of healing. So, don’t rush to give each other tissues, just let him know that you support his heart.


3. Give comfort and provide practical help

How to make your friend feel better? Giving comfort is not telling someone: “You should feel ……” or “You shouldn’t feel ……”. People have the right to keep their true feelings. Comfort means: not judging them, not thinking they are suffering and need help; comfort means: giving them the space to recover that feeling of being themselves and identifying with themselves. We don’t need to show concern by “agreeing or disagreeing” with the way they choose to deal with their dilemma.


How to make someone feel better after a breakup? We don’t need to help someone find solutions to all their problems, even if they are a loved one. We can do our best to provide available resources – other friends, experts, friends of friends, whatever works – to help them find answers, either by calling someone, finding an expert, getting some books, or simply providing a space to hide and let them be calm and find answers on their own.


4. Empathy, but not the same as others

In the face of other people’s suffering, we often remember some of their own similar experiences, should find the right time to express – let him feel the pain, not only “favor” him, once also let you suffer. Maybe telling him about your past will give him some tips on how to solve it. Empathizing with them, we not only share the pain of the other person, but also need to endure our own suffering. How to make your friend feel better? Regardless of the situation faced, the kindness of the present a you can also take to write a note, send a text message to express, sometimes, the feeling of writing, can make people pay more attention. There are still many different forms of “healing dialogue”, so that each other warmth without losing face is the most desirable approach.


5. Long-term waiting, acting as a “resonance box”

How to make your friend feel better? Change can bring a lot of chaos, and no one can change quickly and straighten out the chaos. The other person in a period of great change, need someone to discuss with him “what to do? What will be the result of choosing this?”. . As friends, we try to care more about each other, increase the opportunity to meet, dinner, as each other’s “resonance box”, and can not be tired of its repeated use.


6. Brave to stand up for themselves

No matter what the situation is, it is normal to feel embarrassed about what you don’t know what to say. Let the people we want to help know how we feel, is also a good way. It’s even okay to honestly say, “I don’t know how you’re feeling or what I should say, but I really care about you.” Even if you feel ridiculous about such an expression, it can still make the other person feel warm and it allows them to adjust to communicating with others more quickly.

How to make your friend feel better? You can also take to writing notes, sending text messages to express, sometimes, the feeling of writing, can make people pay more attention. There are many different forms of “healing conversations,” but the practice of keeping the other person warm and not losing face is most desirable.


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