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How To Make Friends At School?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: How to make friends at school

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It’s a great learning to socialize in college. So, how to make friends at school?

University is a strange new environment, where you don’t have acquaintances, old friends and everything you are familiar with. You will say goodbye to the social networks of the past.

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Going to college is to say goodbye to my hometown and my past self.

I know that some of the former schoolgirls in Jilin Province in Northeast China were homesick and nostalgic for the delicious food and snow in their hometown. They were not used to all kinds of living and eating outside, and they always quarreled with their dormitories. As a result, five of the six subjects were dropped in the first semester, which was quite extreme.

How to make friends at school? In college, you may have the following social relationships

How to make friends at school? 01. Dormitory relationship

The dormitory will be the place where you stay the longest every day. You have to live here every day when you are away from home. Whether you like your roommates or not, you have to live with them for a year. My former classmate had a bad relationship with one person in the dormitory, and was isolated as a result. Of course, if you don’t live well, you can change it.

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Because the university is very free, but you must find a new roommate when you confirm your dormitory, or you can go out and rent your own house. I’d like to give you a piece of advice. Before you find a new roommate, you should understand their living habits, such as whether he is sloppy, whether he snores while sleeping, and whether he likes to take a bath? I’ve met many good friends, because they can’t stand sleeping and snoring, and finally go their separate ways;

How to make friends at school? 02. Classmate relationship

In the University, most of the time, you don’t have the so-called classmates. Different from high school, the number of students in the university class is different. The relationship between you and your classmates is not as close as before, which means that you have more opportunities to meet new friends, but you will find that you don’t need too much communication. Many people are just friends on whats app, and they don’t have any intersection at all. The only intersection is to praise each other occasionally.

I think most of the communication in the university is useless. Many people and you are in the same university, but they don’t have any intersection. Wine travel, business, and humanities colleges all need to form teams

How to make friends at school? 03. Student groups

There are many clubs in the University, but in fact many clubs have nothing to do. There are only 1-2 activities throughout the year, and some even have no activities.

I don’t recommend adding too many clubs, which will take up a lot of time. It’s better to improve GPA or make money, or even spend time on religion.

Many clubs will ask you some questions during the interview. The most frequently asked questions are: if the club affairs conflict with your other affairs, which one would you choose?

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If you ask this question, basically you don’t have to participate in this club, because the most important point is that he doesn’t pay you. Why fight so hard?

I’ve seen people who skip classes and are busy with club work before. Some people even go to dinner and shopping with the so-called ministers and vice ministers without going to class. They seem to be very enterprising, but in fact they just waste their parents’ money to do thankless things.

How to make friends at school? A club that requires you to pay your class time basically has nothing worthy of your efforts. They will kidnap you with a sense of collective honor, and use your time and energy to help him complete his ideal team. They just regard the club members as free tools available. After all, the achievements are yours, but the club belongs to others. It’s meaningless to do things without money or benefits.

If you don’t have a big idea, you may not have a foothold in it. A place without even the most basic dignity is just a waste of time. After all, they don’t have any ideals. Most of the time, they just go to a bar to drink together. You can almost feel the efficiency of bureaucracy and procrastination. Maybe the biggest value is to be tied as a stake when voting. As for what to do, you just know what to do;

How to make friends at school? 04. Friends and girlfriends

This has been mentioned in another article. If there is a long-distance relationship between a man and a woman before, it will be very difficult. Distance beats love, and 30 million text messages are not as good as a hug in reality.

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How to make friends at school? Having said so much, in fact, you only need to have a few chatting friends in the University, and even a lot of people can say hello to you. Don’t focus on too many unnecessary interpersonal or social relationships.

How to make friends at school? In fact, the so-called interpersonal relationship in university is very virtual. You think you are very influential and can even use a lot of resources to change a lot. In fact, it’s just your wishful thinking.

How to make friends at school? The most important thing for a university is to study hard and improve yourself. After all, strength is the most important principle, and you are your own resources. There are many campus cultures in a university. The choice depends on you.

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