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Where To Make Friends Online? 8 APP

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Where to make friends online? Tinder is a new popular way to make new friends and date. The Atlanta Hawks even held a tinder night.

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I have been using tinder for several months. When other social apps appear, I will try them, hoping to meet new friends and get a chance to date. But maybe I was too naive. A few days later, I looked at the embarrassing self portrait and broken dream and thought, maybe it’s not my fault that these apps are not as good as the publicity, but my own problem. I need to take a fresh look at my life… Anyway, these are eight social software I’ve tried. I hope you’re more lucky than me. I’d better go to the gym.

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Where to make friends online? 1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Where to meet friends online: Tinder is always pouring out new faces, so I hope to have an app that emphasizes quality over quantity. Coffee meets bagel provides an elaborate pairing at noon every day. You can check the matching photos, hobbies, some personal information and common friends, and then decide whether you want to like them or not.

If you both like each other, you will receive an edited phone number text, which can be modified within a week at most to avoid exposing the real number. If you don’t find the right one, it doesn’t matter. There are still new ones the next day and the third day, until you are frustrated because no one wants to date you.

This is an app that can’t receive messages, but it doesn’t matter. There are still many choices and potential matchers.

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Where to make friends online? 2. Pure

Where to meet friends online: If you sometimes point to “getting to know” someone directly instead of spending hours texting and discussing when and where to meet, pure is just the answer.

It doesn’t have a chat system, it only has pictures, which can be used when you want to see someone immediately, such as within an hour. The feedback from users is crucial to ensure that this open and responsive system can achieve the maximum effect. So those who don’t want to show up are quickly kicked out of the app.

It’s like speed dating in a bar. It never worked for me in the past or now, but a friend told me that they succeeded. So I don’t think it’s the right time.

Where to make friends online? 3.Bothlive

Apps where you can meet new friends: Bothlive is more like a dating site than tinder, and has made great progress recently. The new fast matching system is almost the same as tinder’s operation. You can slide left or right to improve the matching rate by answering each other’s questions and personal information.

If the other party likes you, you can view the complete personal information, send a message to the other party, and plan a meeting. I think that’s how it works, but I’m not really sure. Because I have registered for Bothlive account for several months, although I have received a small number of potential matching information, no one has ever found me. I think it’s time to try a new app.

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Where to make friends online? 4. Loveflutter

Apps where you can meet new friends: My speech is sharper than my appearance, so the idea of loveflitter really appeals to me. Loveflitter needs you to provide an interesting story of your own, and other people have to choose whether they like it or not before they can view the photos. Although it’s still superficial, it gives you a chance to show your humorous personality.

It took me two days to find out, which was “once I stuck my hand in a jar full of organic peanut butter.”. Very good! But I didn’t get any response. I guess it’s because people are afraid of being allergic to peanuts? I’m sure I can find a girl who is willing to share interesting things with me. Well, next app, I want to avoid peanut butter mistakes

Where to make friends online? 5. Bristlr

Where to meet new friends online: Bridlr is more used not for dating, but for connecting people. It doesn’t ask too many questions when you sign up. This app is the first time I found a box marked with “I have a beard”. If you have a beard, you can go in and look for people who want to touch it;

If you don’t have a beard, you can go in and find the nearest person. If you’re hairy or like it, especially if it’s a key point in early relationships, don’t hesitate. There are endless choices. If you don’t have a beard in the near future, it’s probably nothing to do with you.

But I have other interests, so I’d better leave bristlr first, wet my beard, shave my old face and see what happens.

Where to make friends online? 6. Glimpse

Where to meet new friends online: Many apps like tinder just cut people’s photos to your screen at random, and don’t care how you get along with them. Glimpse will link to your instagram account and use image location, content and tags to find people you are interested in nearby.

It’s a great concept. I’m an active instagram user, so I’ll look for it in my photo matching range. Unfortunately, it seems that most people just want to have more fans on the Internet, but I hope to have more real contact. Maybe there are other ways to find more spiritual people.

Where to make friends online? 7. Tastebuds

Where can I make friends online: After Marvin Gaye came to the scene, people began to like to use music as conversation. Tastebuds.fm sets up a search for similar tastes. Whether you’re a Juggalo or an EDM fan, tastebugs.fm can find the same person for you.

It can automatically scan your music list with the help of spotify and iTunes, and you don’t even need to add it to the app manually. It’s great in theory, because you know at least there’s one more thing you can talk about after you meet, go to a concert, or go to a record store.

Unfortunately, I don’t think many girls here like Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead as much as I do. So I’d better try a chat app that can get a response.

Where to make friends online? 8. Skout

Where can I make friends online: Skout is like a party that everyone in the university would like to attend. There are many users here. It’s easy to start a conversation, but it’s too noisy and difficult. It’s more like random Facebook users, considering that everyone’s home page has a timeline, in which photos, status, location, etc. can be commented publicly, and there is a huge chat network.

If you really want to experience this, shake your mobile phone and chat with people from some place in the world randomly. With so many active users, I don’t think I can continue to be ignored, so I began to try to launch “blink” messages to people who were not even interested. As a result, I received a few “blink” replies and a day or two of polite greetings.

Where to make friends online? Finally, at the end of the day, I was still the one who had no friends. After walking home in the heavy rain, I ate snacks and watched some old episodes of Futurama. This is life.

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