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The real reasons why a guy would block you on social platform! How to prevent it?

The real reasons why a guy would block you on social platform! How to prevent it?


After breaking up with a boyfriend, only a few people will continue to be friends as if nothing has happened, and most of them will pull the other party black. Then why did he blackmail you? Have you considered the reasons? reasons why a guy would block you. Take a look at the reasons mentioned below. Which ones do you meet.


We should know that the meaning of Block you and Blackmail.

The meaning between Block and Blackmail is the same: Blackmail is an act of coercion using the threat of revealing or publicizing either substantially true or false information about a person or people unless certain demands are met. It is often damaging information, and may be revealed to family members or associates rather than to the general public. It may involve using threats of physical, mental or emotional harm, or of criminal prosecution, against the victim or someone close to the victim. It is normally carried out for personal gain, most commonly of position, money, or property. It is also used, sometimes by state agencies, to exert influence; this was a common Soviet practice, so much so that the term “kompromat”, transliterated from Russian, is often used for compromising material used to exert control.

Six Reasons why a guy would block you


(1)Afraid to face a new you


Some couples break up not because they don’t like it anymore, but because they don’t feel suitable for each other. He blocked me on whatsapp. If he pulls you black after the break-up, it is likely that he is afraid to face a new you, and that after the break-up, only he himself will be sad. Man’s self-esteem is very strong, will never admit his failure, also won’t let others see his weak sad side. At this time, you should try to encourage him, take him through the shadow of this break-up, and help him to meet the new life.


(2)Get your attention


After the quarrel, the couple is in the cold war period, and no one is willing to bow down and apologize. The boy’s psychology is more intense. Who blocked me on fp. He tries to draw your attention by blacking you, but in fact, it will backfire. When someone blocks your number. When you know that the other party will blackmail you during the Cold War, your mood will become more depressed and irritable. You might as well end this relationship. But smart women don’t do this. Since men want to attract your attention, it shows that they care about each other’s relationship. Why not give a man a face and forgive him?

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(3)He doesn’t love you anymore


After the break-up, some girls always cling to boys, hoping to save the relationship in this way. However, the boy doesn’t love you at all. Such a move will only make the boy more tired of you.When your ex blocks you. He blocks me from everything. If you want to know why the other party blackmailed you and how you want to do it, you should first understand whether the boy has feelings for you and whether he still has a place in his heart. Otherwise, what he does is futile and will only be regarded as sentimental.


(4)Don’t like your circle of friends


Normal people like to make friends with people who are full of positive energy. If your circle of friends makes some unpleasant things every day, why should he look at your circle of friends to ruin his mood? So, you need to be a positive energy girl and post positive content in your circle of friends.


(5)You often constrain him to do what he likes


Many men like to smoke and drink, but women don’t like it very much, so they often send messages to boys to bomb him, warning him not to drink or smoke outside. Men must be very tired of such words, so they blackmail girls to avoid receiving such news. Therefore, as a girl, you should try your best to relax the requirements of a man. You know what he wants to do, and generally it will not exceed that degree.

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(6)Communication is not timely


Many couples because of communication is not timely, resulting in misunderstanding, girls are too emotional, only know angry, but when the other party asked the reason for anger, and do not say clearly, boys’ patience is also limited, will not always coax you all day long, when you are really upset, will simply pull you black, let you think alone, and so on You are reasonable. Therefore, women in love can not be too emotional, the sober time or to maintain a clear mind.



Now do you understand why he blackmailed you? There are different solutions for different reasons of blackmail. Next time you encounter a similar situation, you should not yell in danger.


Reasons why a guy would block you: My boyfriend blocked me

Do not worry, it’s okay. He will unblock you in the end when he is calm.

Stay calm and communicate with him. After breaking up with a boyfriend, only a few people will continue to be friends as if nothing has happened, and most of them will pull the other party black. Then why does he blackmail you? If he still loves you, there is a great possibility that he will come back.


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