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Should I Ask If He’s Dating Others: NO

Should I ask if he’s dating others? My suggestion is you shouldnt ask. Because even if you ask him, he will not tell you the truth.

Many women can not go into the heart of the man, probably because of gender reasons, they always do not know what the man is thinking, perhaps one moment also feel as if they understand each other, but the next moment between the two people seem to have a transparent wall, the two people far apart, reachable, but out of reach.

Paying sincerity is also trying to make the other party also sincere to themselves, there are many men around a lot of women, he is like a central air conditioning, so that everyone can feel his temperature, but his heart is always cold.


Should I ask if he’s dating others? One-sided payment is always not a good ending, unless the two people are honest with each other, when you give your heart, must be a good understanding of each other, men treat women’s feelings most of the shelf life is very short, because they do not have the persistence to treat a relationship.

So how can you know if he is dating you while also planning to date other people?


1. Mobile phone lock

Should I ask if he’s dating others? Usually the phone is not locked man suddenly cell phone locked, or password change, that is he has his own secret, he this secret you can not know, he will lock it up in order to hide these things, what do you think will be the secret? Nothing but the opposite sex.

Should I ask if he’s dating others? If you found out that he has a lot of other chat objects, or other opposite sex, then everything he will be in vain, he does not want to lose you this alternative, so he will not let you find out, in order to cover him that little secret, is also considered a great deal of effort.


2. Phones have photos with other people of the opposite sex.

Today’s society is a very developed information, electronic devices, photography is also becoming more and more popular with the change of time, more and more perfect, it is no longer like the Republic of China is the object of consumption of rich people. Should I ask if he’s dating others? Now everyone’s cell phone has the function of taking pictures, everyone can take pictures of themselves or others through their cell phones.

Should I ask if he’s dating others? In the hot period of love couples, they often take many intimate photos together to save on the phone, these will become two people memories. However, when a man’s phone appears on a photo with another woman, such a situation is unreasonable, because men love a woman will consciously keep a distance from other people of the opposite sex. When such photos exist on a man’s phone, it is likely that there is ambiguity between the man and the woman.

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3. Say other women’s good.

Men love a woman from the bottom of their hearts, the man’s eyes, the heart is only the existence of that woman, for him, people are divided into only two kinds: one is the woman he loves, the other is the person he does not love. Should I ask if he’s dating others? Men love a woman, that woman becomes a near-perfect person.

But when a man’s love begins to cave in, his heart becomes torn apart, no longer belongs to you alone, the man will regularly recite the good of another woman, will often say you are not as good as that woman. The man is not in love, so his eyes are no longer the only one in your existence.


4. Always forget you

Should I ask if he’s dating others? Maybe together before, he can be said to you can be no matter what things, the first thought is you, always hanging on to you, with time, your enthusiasm faded, followed by the bland, but this time the boy is not willing to this bland, so he will look for new goals to explore.

Every time you take the initiative to find him, if you do not go to him, he has not come to you, give him the explanation is that he is busy, he does not have time. Should I ask if he’s dating others? Or that he had some kind of situation or some other excuse, ever wonder why? Maybe because he has other girls, you are not the only one for him, so he will often forget about you.


5. Return to the end of the message

Should I ask if he’s dating others? When they are not around each other, they send messages because they miss each other, but when you are around him, you find that he is always sending messages, he shows you that he is chatting with friends, but it may not be so, because there will not be so many topics to talk about between friends, there will always be a time when the topic is finished.

Should I ask if he’s dating others? Only when chatting with the opposite sex will there be a lot of things to say, because this is out of the state of mutual understanding and to explore each other, that is, the opposite sex attracts, the same sex repels, the boy can not have been chatting with the boy, he and other girls just met, so it will always chat.


6. Especially good for other women.

There is no free lunch in this world, in addition to our parents’ love for us is selfless, can do anything for us unconditionally, other people are good to us have conditions attached. For example, love, a man is good to us because he wants a woman to love him and wants a woman’s heart.

Should I ask if he’s dating others? Once upon a time a man was only good to you alone, it was because he had only one person in his heart, because there was only one person in his heart so he would put all his energy into you alone. When a man’s heart is divided to other women, it will scatter his energy to other women as well.


7. Behaving too intimately with other people of the opposite sex.

Parents kissing our cheeks because of the affection between us, friends abducting our arms to go shopping because of the friendship between us, lovers holding hands because of mutual love. Should I ask if he’s dating others? Two people who are in love will make intimate behavior because of love, such as hugging, holding hands, kissing.

But when a man has a crush on other people of the opposite sex is often to that woman to do some ambiguous behavior, when women are often too close to other people of the opposite sex is likely to be a man like that woman.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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