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Saying I Love You Too Soon: NOT Good For You

Saying I Love You Too Soon? FOR GIRLS –

How soon is too soon to say I love you? Maybe 1 month, 1 week, 3 days. Terrible.

When is it too soon to say I love you, means he is not seriously to you? He said I love you too soon, means you’re a “toy”.

When is too soon to say I love you, you should be alarmed.

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Saying I Love You Too Soon: NOT Good For Relationships

Saying I Love You Too Soon

How soon is too soon to say I love you? Maybe 1 month, 1 week, 3 days. Terrible.

When is it too soon to say I love you, means he is not seriously to you. He said I love you too soon, means you’re a “toy”.

When is too soon to say I love you, you should be alarmed.

“We date 3 times and yesterday he said he loves me. Is it too soon to say I love you?” YES! Saying I Love You Too Soon Is NOT Good For Relationships!

Saying I Love You Too Soon

Saying I Love You Too Soon?

Saying I Love You Too Soon is not a great thing. Chasing girls can’t confess too quickly! Because women don’t like to make choices!

Everyone on earth knows that women are the most hesitant and tangled beautiful creatures in the world.

The world is changing too fast, and good things are always fleeting. Therefore, a woman hopes that in the process of pursuing her, she can enjoy the tension of being chased and the throbbing that is full of inexplicable expectations at the same time, the happiness and sweetness that it brings.

And you only talked for 2 weeks, and you wanted to take her down. She hasn’t enjoyed enough of your “satisfaction and continuous giving”, how could she agree to your pursuit so quickly. Therefore, men cannot confess too quickly when chasing women. The main reasons are as follows:

Saying I Love You Too Soon
1. Loss of initiative

Just chatting like this, every day is sweet and sweet, how good, why do you want to confess? For men, confession is to disclose the sense of need to the other party to confirm and declare their sovereignty. For women, confession is to face your “persecution” and make a yes or no choice and decision.

A man’s confession means that a woman is valuable to him and worthy of love. But for a woman, a man does not necessarily have the value she needs, or in a woman, the value of a man is not obvious, and it is not enough for her to make judgments and decisions. Saying I Love You Too Soon is not a great thing.

At this time, there will be two situations.

Saying I Love You Too Soon

1) If you are worthless, then the sense of needs between the two of you will immediately become unbalanced.

A woman can take advantage of your sense of need for her and take you “willfully”. As for herself, she is completely free from you because she does not need you (you are worthless), and she is happy and relaxed.

Saying I Love You Too Soon

2) If you have value, then once a woman makes a decision, the sense of balance between the two will be destroyed immediately.

Because she promised you that she is your girlfriend. A relationship that is determined too early is uncertain for a woman, full of more risks, and she is unwilling to take it.

In fact, in the practice of love, most of the confessions of men chasing women will fail. Especially when they first met, and it didn’t take long to talk, they quickly confessed, and they lost terribly. Because, the master teases sisters, the pursuit of women does not need to confess.

Because true confession is ultimately won directly by attraction, confession is just a form and has no practical meaning. Therefore, I only talked for two weeks, so I can just continue to talk and tease without confession. It’s a matter of course, maybe she will confess to you first.

Saying I Love You Too Soon
2. Destroy the desire to conquer

Speaking of the desire to conquer, do you say that women are strong or men are strong? The answer is a woman. Men conquered the world, and women conquered the world by conquering men. Think about it again, whether it is in love or the marriage after marriage, it is women who hold the dominant position, and it is women who are in charge of the family.

Especially in love, a woman is the one being pursued. She has known that you like her a long time ago, so she will not quickly agree to you and give up her desire to conquer. Because she also knows that not only you are the only man who likes her, but there are many more than ten men who like her like you.

So, Saying I Love You Too Soon is not a great thing.

As a man, if you say “I like you” to a woman, as long as she nods, you already belong to her. This is called “easy to get”. And anything that can be easily obtained lacks some depth and firm appeal for those who desire to conquer.

The essence of the desire to conquer is the sense of accomplishment, through one’s own efforts to make a high-value goal subject to one’s sense of accomplishment. People never cherish what can be obtained without doing anything. The same is true of feelings. The feelings that I send to her door are not love, but a deal to her.

So, Saying I Love You Too Soon is not a great thing.

A woman knows that she doesn’t like the man she brings to the door. What she likes is the kind of man who needs to go through a certain degree of management and then is attracted by her charm. This business process is the process of falling in love. It is not only the process by which she attracts you but also the process by which you show her your value.

Saying I Love You Too Soon
3. Avoid making decisions

Everyone knows that a decision represents a commitment. No matter the consequences are good or bad, you have to bear them. The problem is that everyone wants good results, not bad results, so to avoid being harmed, I think of a wonderful and good way of not making decisions or making fewer decisions.

Women are born to understand this “decision principle”. Therefore, when a man confesses to her, it is equivalent to relentlessly shifting the responsibility of determining the relationship to the woman. Regardless of the outcome of the relationship in the future, the woman must bear it. Don’t do it.

Everyone on earth knows that all women have the choice phobia and don’t like to be creatures that undertake decision-making tasks. And if you confessed too quickly, you just put an immature relationship on the table and let her immediately decide whether to be with you or not to be with you.

Since your relationship is still immature (how can it be mature in 2 weeks?), women are naturally not inclined to choose to accept. Women have a good impression of you. If you develop naturally, you can slowly transition to a romantic relationship. But at the moment you have not made it to that point, women will fall into a serious state of confusion.

Therefore, it is better to refuse first if you are in doubt. This is the best way for a woman to protect herself from harm. Saying I Love You Too Soon is not a great thing.

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