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Online Dating VS Traditional Dating: Which Better?

Online Dating VS Traditional Dating


Is online dating better than traditional dating? YES.


In the past, our first impression of others came from our first meeting, right? Traditional dating is like this, and there are even a lot of relationship coaches who teach you how to make a good first impression.


And 2020 is a year of online dating “blowout”. How to make a perfect first impression when you are dating online is very important. Because of online dating, you need to find the opportunity to show your charm as much as possible, instead of the traditional dating opportunity to show your gentlemanly demeanor. How to do it? By using a online dating profile.


Pay attention to your online dating profile: In traditional dating, you drive a wom cxan and show your car in the online dating file; in traditional dating, you know which restaurant is the best, and you need to show your pursuit of quality of life; in traditional dating, you will take her to mountain climbing, and you will add it to your online dating file A picture of myself climbing the mountain.


Do you understand? That’s why every online dating app advises you to perfect your online dating profile.


Online Dating VS Traditional Dating


How do you show your charm on a traditional date? How do you attract people? Pretend to smile and keep listening, even if you don’t want to listen anymore; sit demurely, keep your voice steady when you speak, and don’t let your emotions get too excited; keep an elegant posture when eating, and you won’t feel the pleasure of enjoying delicious food at all. Is that so?


Online dating can solve these problems: you and your partner’s online date can only open the video, so you can make a real-time appointment without making an appointment a week in advance; you don’t have to choose what you don’t like to eat at dinner, because even if you two eat in the video, you don’t have to eat the same thing; when the other person talks, you can be distracted when you are tired of listening I don’t realize you’re absent-minded, as long as you keep “really?”


Is online dating better than traditional dating? YES. On the whole online dating, even if you don’t have the heart, and don’t have to hurt yourself, you can show your charm and make others like you.


Online Dating VS Traditional Dating:


In the past, how did you get a date? Could it be a party? Maybe a friend introduced you? At that time, you might only have two or three dates a year. Most of the women you know are nearby, not even from another continent. Of course, maybe you don’t want to meet people in other places. Maybe you can’t accept long-distance love.


What kind of dating opportunities does online dating bring you? It’s diverse, it’s full of opportunities, and you will know different people. Imagine opening an online dating app and starting to “slide” all the opposite sex you can see. They may not be from your community. They may be from California, from New York, or even from China or France. But they can show you their dating profiles right now. You can browse their dating profiles and choose the women you like. Your dating opportunities jump from 3 to 30 or more. You can even arrange different dates for them in your and your lists, and you can have fun. Is online dating better than traditional dating? YES.


Although I suggest you go online with the idea of “finding a stable relationship,” I respect you if you’re a playboy.


Online Dating VS Traditional Dating


The change in eating patterns is most obvious. In traditional dating, you need to make an invitation to your date in advance, set a time when you are all free, and when you book a restaurant, get up, dress up, drive to the dating place, have dinner, talk about topics, amuse her, and send her home. A lot of programs need to be prepared carefully. And after all these complicated procedures, you may not have a second date: you waste time, money, and no good results.


Online dating only requires you to have WiFi and your bedroom, and it costs you a few dollars to upgrade to VIP / SVIP. You’re wearing a shirt in front of the camera, and you’re wearing holiday shorts when you’re off duty. No one knows! You can always show more charm than you think when you are online dating beautiful women. Is online dating better than traditional dating? YES.


Online Dating VS Traditional Dating:


There is little difference between the success rate of traditional dating and that of online dating. The success rate of your date depends on your attitude and behavior. Your charm needs to be displayed by yourself. Traditional dating and online dating can only provide you with dating opportunities.


Although online dating offers you more dating opportunities, if you don’t know how to show your charm, how to speak, what to do on your first date, and how to attract women, then no amount of dating opportunities will help you. Is online dating better than traditional dating? YES.


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Therefore, you still have a lot of courses to learn so that you can beat other men with your charm based on getting more dating opportunities online.


Online Dating VS Traditional Dating:


Many people think that there are more lies and swindlers in online dating. Wouldn’t you encounter lies in traditional dating?


There is no bad tool, only the people who use it. So the quality of an online dating tool depends on whether the person using it is a good person.


If you maintain normal discrimination, then you can see through the lies. In traditional dating, there are gold diggers who pretend they don’t care about money or poor kids who pretend to be rich. Even if we don’t meet a liar anymore, I don’t believe in dating. Just like the current dilemma of online dating, we can’t deny an innovative tool that can bring you happiness just because of lies or bad things that will happen in any situation.


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