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Why Is Online Dating So Hard for Guys?

Why is online dating so hard for guys ?

Online dating is a very popular way of love at present. It is a form of love in which men and women communicate with each other by means of online chat tools, so as to know and love each other. It can be seen as the antonym of blind date. Because, if dating is all concrete and transparent, while online dating is all virtual and hidden; blind date makes love pragmatic and lacks some romance, while online dating just fictionalizes love, so there is more romance.

Love is because both parties in love make some beautiful ideas about the future which are beyond the possibility of reality based on emotion. Therefore, it has a strong component of fictional beauty. Online dating completely develops this characteristic of love to the extreme. It makes love completely fictitious. Both men and women write and direct and play a love drama. Therefore, most online dating is not reliable and the ending is not good.

Online dating is very popular in China, almost at the same time as flash marriage. They all started in the 1980s. At that time, people were not familiar with the Internet, they didn’t understand the cheating behavior in the network, and they were not strong in prevention and vigilance. Therefore, many people were cheated.

The first chatting tool was Facebook Messenger. At that time, computers were expensive, not popular, and Internet charges were high. Only middle and high-income families had home computers and networks. Most people went to Internet cafes. Many people were infatuated with QQ chatting. I once heard that several guys chatted about being met by net friends. When they met, they had sexual relations. Finally, they abandoned their wives and children and ran with net friends. Most of the results are not good.

There was a 41 year old man with a good appearance. He looked at his tender face, chatted with one girl online, met and opened a room. Then, despite his wife’s bitter plea, he abandoned his wife and daughter and ran away with the net friend. As a result, the parents of the girl found that he was too old to be together. At last, he couldn’t go back home. When he was old, he couldn’t find a job. He had to drift in a strange city.

This is an online dating story that happened around me. Moreover, up to now, I haven’t seen any men and women walking into the wedding hall through online dating, which shows that the success rate of online love is extremely low.

The reasons for the low success rate of online dating are as follows:

why is online dating so hard for guys ?

The first reason is that many people who fall in love on the Internet have never thought of developing their online dating into real love from the very beginning. Therefore, it is doomed from the very beginning that this love affair is a fake flower in a tree, which has no result. This kind of online dating is a kind of lie, which expresses the feelings of men and women beyond their own identity. It is to meet the emotional needs of both men and women that can not be realized in real life.

The second reason is that many people who chat on the Internet are unemployed and vulnerable groups. They have nothing to do all day. They are bored and empty. Therefore, they start chatting online. There is almost no truth in what they chat. Once these people talk to people about their feelings, he is afraid to meet people, because once they meet, everything will be clear.

The third reason is that some people chat on the Internet to cheat on sex and money, which makes love a trap. Many older youths are cheated.

The fourth reason is that online dating is destined to be long-distance love from the beginning, and the results of long-distance love mostly end in tragedy. A lot of young men and women who have a result of online dating lose their love to the distance between them, so they have to break up in the end.

The fifth reason is that a large part of the people who love online are introverted and timid. They don’t cheat people. What they tell each other is true, but they won’t go into real life with their online love partners, because they are willing to live in the virtual world and do not want to face many troubles and burdens of love and marriage in the real world. This kind of online love is the most hurtful, it just wants to bloom, do not want the results.

Based on the above five reasons, I often persuade all young men and women who are running for marriage not to believe in online dating, because its success rate is extremely low, and it will bring you economic losses and emotional damage. We are not deeply involved in the world of young men and girls must not set foot in online love. It just has a hundred harm, no profit.

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Why is online dating so hard for guys?

Five reasons why boys’ online dating is not easy to succeed

In this era, online dating is no longer a strange thing, because we are used to communicating with people on the Internet. However, the vitality of online dating is very weak, and the success rate is very low. In addition, there are a lot of online cheaters, which makes people’s trust in online dating very low, and they don’t care about online dating.

We always hear such words: “online dating is not believable.” “Don’t fall in love with others on the Internet. Be careful of being cheated.” This reflects people’s fear of online dating. In fact, the real root lies in the integrity of this society, and the failure rate of online dating is too high, which makes us unable to withstand the trauma and attack of online dating.

I have experienced online love, but also have a little experience. Therefore, I would like to analyze with you how to correctly deal with online dating and the failure factors of online dating. Although the failure rate of online dating is very high, we should not be too extreme. Online dating is nothing more than online dating. When we are used to chatting on the Internet, it is very natural for us to have feelings. This is actually the fate of people. Just like the love in reality, the network platform only acts as a “matchmaker”. The key to success lies in the efforts of both parties, Therefore, we should treat it objectively.

There are reasons for the high failure rate of online dating:

1. Lack of trust: if you love a person, you must trust her (him) 100%. However, due to the limitations of online dating, the two sides of love are separated. Many of them have not even met once. You don’t know what he or she is doing every day and who he or she is with. After a long time, we will have doubts. Without trust, online dating is doomed to failure.

2. Distance killer: the trust mentioned above is actually caused by distance. We often say: “distance produces beauty”, but if the distance is too far, it will not produce beauty, it will only become a love killer. If our love is like Cowherd and weaver girl, then love can only become a beautiful legend.

3. Psychological obstacle: if distance is the killer, it exists in the objective environment, while the psychological obstacle is the killer in the subjective aspect. If you love a person very much and dare not to meet him or her all the time, then everything is empty talk. In order to succeed in online love, we must go to reality. On the Internet, we can open our hearts and chat without worry, but once In the face of meeting, we start to panic, fear, and self-confidence, then we will never take the first step, and online love can only die in the cradle!

4. Lack of reason: after all, online dating is a virtual love, which is not to say that online dating is false, but it exists in the virtual world, we can not see and touch. Therefore, if we want to understand each other, we should spend more time and thought, think about whether you and she are really suitable, and determine whether the other party is sincere or hypocritical. At this time, if you lack of rationality, online dating is hard to succeed.

5. Give up easily: in the process of online dating, we will face many difficulties, such as meeting difficult, family members opposing, friends not supporting, etc. These difficulties will make us waver, and even give up easily. You should know, no matter online love or real love, there are no smooth sailing, will encounter many difficulties, but the difficulties of online love are more, if we give up easily, then What else?

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The above are the five factors of the failure of online love. There is always a reason for the failure of every online dating. We have to find out the reason before we know the root of the problem. If you are in love online, please carefully compare whether you have these problems, there are several. If you find the reason, please take it seriously. If you can’t make sure of them, please don’t fall into too deep, otherwise hurt others and yourself!

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