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One reader said:

I know a girl online, the relationship has been quite ambiguous. But she has refused to show me her photos, the dynamics of the circle of friends, posted photos either back to the camera, or not show their faces, recently I asked her to meet a meeting, she brushed off twice, said to keep a little mystery, otherwise I would be very disappointed, I do not understand, why she refused to meet it?


In response to this reader’s question, I would like to say.

Online dating girls: If you’ve been having an ambiguous relationship for a while and she hasn’t asked you for anything explicitly or implicitly, you shouldn’t be a cheater.

Meet girls online: A scammer will often set up many temptations, such as a pretty avatar, a nice photo, or playing the pity game to inspire your desire for protection.

If from time to time let you transfer money to her, ask you to buy this send that, but also mysteriously refused to meet, then you should be careful.

Find a girlfriend online: Excluding the possibility of scammers, generally speaking, the face or body is not outstanding women, will have this performance.

Because of their own lack of confidence ah, worried that you will be disappointed after seeing.



Free dating girls: You think about it, a boy’s face is low, not high, the condition is not good, will also have this trouble. It is not easy to meet a girl online, but do not dare to meet, because not confident. Free dating girls: Afraid that the girl will be disgusted after seeing, and later ignore themselves.

Meet girls online: If you have a high vision, you have harsh requirements for the other half of the face body, I suggest you change a target.

If you do not have high requirements for face value, then you may chat, describe the things you encounter in your life with high face value but very annoying girls, indirectly tell her that you hate those who look good personality more as girls. If you choose between the two, you would rather choose a girl with a better personality and not outstanding looks, because such a relationship is more worry-free.



Find a girlfriend online: This can indirectly give her confidence, so that she feels that you are more attention to the connotation of the person.

If you’ve instilled this thought in her and she still doesn’t want to meet, you need to take the initiative to alienate her.

If she really cares about you, she will naturally develop anxiety, such as asking why you don’t look for her ah. This time, you can tell her: I do not like the current state, I like you, but have not been able to see each other, for me very tormented, rather than continue to be so tormented, it is better not to start, each well.

Then, just wait for her dynamic.

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Online dating girls: If she still avoids you, it means she only wants to be a couple with you in the virtual environment of the network, then you give up, you can do what you do and say what you can say.

If she is afraid of losing you and willing to meet with you, you should not rush, after the meeting, you then ask yourself well, she is not someone you would like to be together.

Online dating girls: The gap between reality and fantasy is very large, and after meeting, you still need to have some time to interact and understand the friction.

In online dating, how to determine whether the other party is a fraud?



Method 1: More chatting

Online dating girls: There are three purposes for chatting more. First, more chatting helps to understand each other and get more information about each other, to initially determine whether the person is reliable. Secondly, more chat according to the other party back to the speed of the message can initially determine whether the other party cares about this online relationship, for two people in love, often second back to the message is a very easy thing, because they care about each other, even if they are taking a shower will dry their fingers second back to each other message. Finally, the longer you chat, the easier it is to see whether the other party’s attitude will change.


Method two: Meet at the right time

Meet girls online: The network is virtual, if always stay in the virtual will only make this relationship towards the pathological development. Generally speaking, in about a year of online dating, it is most appropriate that you should run now to meet and step into reality. No more than no less than a year, help to understand each other well and build up a good trust with each other. If the other party does not meet for several years or know a few days to meet eagerly, are not good signs.


Method 3: No money involved

Free dating girls: Internet dating does not involve money not because of stinginess, let alone to be careful about being cheated out of money. But because only under the condition of no monetary benefits, it is easier to see whether the other party is sincere love or fake play. The relationship maintained with money is prone to collapse, for the heart of the talent may be true love.


Method four: Into each other’s life circle to understand each other

Find a girlfriend online: No matter how hot online love, we have to enter the reality to get along to really understand a person, and here the get along does not just mean two people, but including their respective relatives, friends. Some people online love Ben now know each other a lot of friends before they stumble to know their online love object originally had a girlfriend, and even have been married to the case have.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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