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Love: Dating After 30 Meme

Dating after 30 meme: what do you think about it?

For middle-aged people, the degree of desire to get a real relationship is perhaps more intense than for young people. Because when people reach the age of middle age, often young people are more lonely and feel more alone.




Dating after 30 meme: Why is it that people are lonelier and more lonely in middle age than young people? People in middle age, in addition to the need for love like young people, but also because of their own body can not shirk the responsibility of marriage and family responsibility.

Because of this responsibility and responsibility, middle-aged people feel the pressure of life is huge, psychologically also in a haggard state, over time, under this double pressure of body and mind, often let the middle-aged people facing this pressure want to find a person who can tell their heart to release their bitterness, hoping that someone can understand their sorrow and joy and understand their difficulties. Dating after 30 meme: Thus, for people in their middle age, they need a relationship to nourish their mellow heart.



However, in our real life, the actual situation is the opposite – in the world of middle-aged people, the feelings of middle-aged people are often replaced by the trivial life of a chicken, couples have no time to take into account their inner feelings, and no time to talk about love and romance.

Dating after 30 meme: Even if there is still time to talk about love in middle age, there is no urge for romance between couples who have been together for too long.

Therefore, for middle-aged people in the current marriage, love has become a kind of hope can not be a warm luxury – although the life of love whitewashed into a beautiful wind and snow, however, in the real life of middle-aged people is really nowhere to be found.



Dating after 30 meme: I hope there is someone who understands themselves, I hope there is a real love, I hope someone can heartache themselves, can not find in the marriage, then, this situation is possible to happen outside the marriage to solve this emotional hunger for love.

This kind of love outside of marriage, can not go underground in the sun, only secretly like, secretly love, secretly carry out! Dating after 30 meme: Because the hearts of middle-aged people are clear about the family responsibilities and obligations they carry, because they are clear that they can not abandon their children, so they are more clear that they can not come together in this love. So, middle-aged love, to the end, is often a love that only begins without an ending!

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The love that young people in their twenties regard as oxygen is no more important to middle-aged people than the luxury goods on display in the mall.

When you are young, the resources are just too cheap.

Dating after 30 meme: Time has almost no cost; energy is inexhaustible; love words are full of creative genius because of the leisure. The men and women with love and water, do not need so much money, so much trouble, mixed together is the world. Dating after 30 meme: The era is really a major victory of spiritual civilization over material civilization, from this point of view, we all inevitably live more and more twitchy.



Dating after 30 meme: The middle-aged people are really too busy. The minute is so busy that you want to break it in half, half to your career, half to your family. Middle-aged people are the most cost-conscious people, each Effort, we have to examine, spend out whether there is the highest input-output ratio of results. Don’t blame them for being utilitarian, after ten years, this is the difference between the high and low people.

Dating after 30 meme: Unfortunately, love is like a quantum, the inability to measure is the greatest fun. Behind every elusive love, there is a black hole hidden, true love to pay into it, genius can not deduce the direction of the relationship between the two.


Why bother to ask for love?

It’s good to have, of course, no, it’s not harmful. The young talents want to be stimulated, middle-aged people want to be stable.

The priority of love is too low compared to life, so middle-aged people talk about love, often scorned – your life, how idle is it?

Dating after 30 meme: In today’s society, everyone is seeking full independence and doesn’t want to be hamstrung by anyone or anything. Dating after 30 meme: The middle-aged people have read through a thousand sails, only the most serious – what I really need you, do not want you what; you need me what? What can’t you do without me?



If we part ways, our life, whether we can bear it or not.

Dating after 30 meme: The human relationship, under such utilitarian calm, maintains an unspoken balance. In marriage, there is mutual understanding, there is a cooperative division of labor, but only the absence of sex.

People began to have a certain calmness about marriage, afraid to ask too much from it, afraid that it will fall apart under such pressure – after all, marriage is the real, is convenient. Dating after 30 meme: The failure of marriage, hurt feelings is still secondary, hurt interests, is the most difficult to bear.

The new era has created a new inequality, love is not the same as marriage, marriage is not the same as having love.

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