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4 Inappropriate Questions To Ask A Girl, Never Ask!

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Inappropriate questions to ask a girl

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What inappropriate questions can’t be asked to girls? When chatting with girls, many brothers always like to ask girls all the time as soon as they open their mouth. Although I can understand your eagerness to understand girls, girls can’t understand it. She will think that you can’t talk with you at all.

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It’s OK to ask some simple questions. Most girls don’t want to talk to you or reply you perfunctorily. But if you ask some taboo questions, you may be deleted in the next second. So today, I’d like to share with you some questions you can’t ask when chatting with girls, especially these 4 questions.

4 Inappropriate questions to ask a girl 1. Can you show me your picture?

When chatting with a girl you like, the most taboo thing is to ask a girl for a picture as soon as she comes up. This kind of behavior is very impolite, and it’s easy for a girl to misunderstand you. She thinks that you are a hooligan. She must keep away from this kind of little gangster. So when chatting with a girl you like, don’t ask a girl for a picture.

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4 Inappropriate questions to ask a girl 2. How many boyfriends have you talked about?

Emotional history has always been a personal secret. When two people fall in love, girls may take the initiative to confess the past to you, but if you haven’t reached that level of relationship, girls are very taboo that you touch her privacy, especially the emotional aspects.

Girls are sensitive and worried. Sometimes you may just ask them casually, but girls don’t think so. She will think that you must be very feudal, otherwise she won’t ask her love history directly, and then her favor for you will dissipate. So chat with the girls you like and never ask this question.

4 Inappropriate questions to ask a girl 3. How old are you? How much do you weigh?

For this question, it seems very plain and simple. Generally, if a boy is asked about his age or weight, he may say it without scruple. But for a girl, these questions are extremely private.

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If you directly ask her about such questions when chatting, she will definitely not want to reply to you directly, and even regard your behavior as very impolite. In the world of girls, they always want to work hard to live the age puzzle stage.

If she is older, if you say she is younger, you will be very happy. But if she is not old, but you say she is older, maybe your conversation is over. So when talking with girls, don’t ask such questions.

4 Inappropriate questions to ask a girl 4. What’s your salary now?

Let’s not talk about your current relationship. Even if you have developed into a couple relationship, you can’t casually ask a girl about her income. What’s more, when you are still pursuing her, talking about money too early will make the girl think that you think she is material. Another possibility is that you want to show off that you have a lot of money in front of her, so no matter which way, girls will not like you any better. So boys must remember that in the process of pursuing girls and even chatting with them, they should not talk about money casually.

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So, don’t ask girls inappropriate questions, because no matter how you ask, the answers will only be the same, so let’s talk about some more serious or funny topics.

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