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What Should I Talk When I Dating A Taller Woman?

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What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? Guide language: many male compatriots will think about what to talk about on their first date when they are dating girls? What do you notice on your first date? We all want to get to know each other on our first date, and let each other know ourselves, so that we can have a good relationship. So it’s very important to talk about things on the first date. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Rules of the first meeting. If you don’t know what to talk about, it’s right to talk about these topics!

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What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 1. Everything except her past

In fact, no one should ask about their past love history on their first date. Don’t even mention it until the other party takes the initiative to share their past. Sharing the past is very private and requires the comfort zone of the other party. It’s not a good place to start on a first date.

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 2. Ask her brothers and sisters!

Don’t ask about her love history, ask if she has any brothers and sisters, and how is her relationship with them. This is a comfortable and simple start. At the same time, you can still know what kind of person she is.

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What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 3. Have you traveled anywhere?

Travel is always a good topic. From the special experience sharing in the past to the places you want to go in the future, you can understand each other’s preferences and interests from one’s imagination and experience of traveling. For example, if you are a person who loves shopping, and the other party says that she hates Hong Kong’s shopping malls very much, or that you love to take risks and bask in the sun on a small island, but what she likes is to play in a big city, you can easily have a simple imagination of the future.

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 4. What would you like to eat / drink?

If the first date is static, stay in the restaurant or bar, don’t just focus on what you want, easily ask each other’s preferences, show your intimate side. During the conversation, you can also pay attention to the food and drink she likes. For example, if the other party likes seafood, you can quickly search the delicious seafood restaurants you know. If the first date is very good, you can take the initiative to say that you know which restaurant is very good, and directly prepare for the next possible date!

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What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 5. Simply ask about your career

It’s always good to know what she’s doing. What’s she doing? Planning for the future? What was your experience? You don’t have to go deep into his work style every day or the exact goal of three to five years a year. It’s just easy to understand what he is doing. Sharing encouragement can also help you find out whether this person’s characteristics are what you like from his work.

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 6. Talk about her friends

Ask her if she has any good friends? What do you do with your friends? You’ll know how she gets along with her friends, and you’ll know better if the guy you’re dating for the first time is a good person! It’s better to value her friends than ignore them.

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 7. Leisure and entertainment you like

Do you like dancing? Do you like sports? Do you like movies or the music of that person? From her usual favorite entertainment, we can immediately know if you two are in tune! What’s more, if you two have similar interests, it can open up a deeper topic for you.

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 8. What do you do on weekends?

It’s really a great topic. You can not only know his real state when he’s free (when he doesn’t have to go to work, when he has a lot of free time), but also know how he arranges his life. You can also hint that “maybe we can do something together at the weekend?”

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What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 9. Don’t forget your body language

Body language is absolutely important. When talking, you can let him know that you attach great importance to what he is saying. If you really like the person in front of you, sometimes inadvertent physical contact will cause different sparks (but note that this is slight).

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? 10. Let the dialogue flow naturally

Although it’s beautiful to share silence with two people sometimes, it’s not suitable for a first date. Don’t just sit there waiting for each other to speak, let the dialogue flow naturally between each other, talk, ask questions, listen, answer, let each other’s dialogue full of rhythm and change.

What should I talk when I dating a taller woman? The first date will naturally be the best start for both of you! Conclusion: in fact, there is no topic to talk about when dating. Most of the time, it’s because you don’t have the right method. A simple understanding of women’s psychology will make your first date, second date and 100th date all right. If you think this article is useful to you, share it with your good friends.

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