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How To Ask a Girl Out? 4 Steps For Boys

Why do people find it difficult to ask a girl out?

Many readers leave messages asking how to chat with girls and how to ask a girl out? It’s hard to say. There is a comprehensive consideration. Today, I’d like to talk about a few things for your reference. It’s not too difficult to make a successful date with a girl. how to ask your crush out? I’m going to teach you some invitation techniques. There are similar problems like these-

how to ask someone out

how to ask a girl out over text


how to ask your crush out

-shows that many men are concerned about this issue.

How to ask a girl out? 4 Steps

How to ask a girl out – ways of invitation

The specific situation of every girl and relationship is different, so is there a so-called formula that can improve the success rate of invitation? The answer is yes. Today, I’d like to introduce a fuzzy invitation method to my friends. If it’s well done, it won’t be embarrassing even if it doesn’t succeed, so as to lay a solid foundation for the next invitation.

So what is a vague invitation? For example, today you and girls interact on chat software, inadvertently put forward some local food or fun places, say we have time to go, because you did not put forward a specific time, the girl will generally respond well, this is a kind of fuzzy invitation. Another is not chat software to know the girl, such as acquaintances and friends, you can also use the way to say where I am going to do business, do you want to go together.

We are in an invincible position if we do well in the above, because even if the girl refuses, it is very natural. At this point, my friend, you have exceeded 80% of potential competitors. The latter often becomes the second choice for girls or is completely blacklisted because of the wrong way of invitation.


1. Time locking

First of all, you need to understand the schedule of girls’ work and rest. Ask girls about their work schedule this week and confirm when they are free.

2. Emotional locking

Lock the girl in the mood to see you, not too tired or don’t want to go out, at the same time you must be the person she wants to see.

3. Location locking

From the girl’s residence, your residence, the place where the girl works, find a place convenient for you, me and her.

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How to ask a girl out – timing

Next, the above steps, taking the first case as an example, can try to further implement the specific appointment time and place in a few days. Let’s take an example. For example, if you want to make a date with a girl on Friday night, you must pay attention to the advance. Generally, we are two to three days ahead of time. Because high score girls are very popular, although we have been in an invincible position after the first step (not embarrassed, we can repeat the invitation again in a short time, and it will always succeed), but if the girls can’t promise you because they have agreed to someone else’s invitation, they will have to wait a week. The battlefield is changing rapidly. Sometimes, we need to keep improving and try our best to control the advantages we can grasp so as to prevent all previous achievements from being wasted.

How to ask a girl out – final confirmation

Come to this step has seen the dawn of victory, no accident has been able to spend a romantic date with the girl. Let me remind you that it’s a woman’s nature to be fickle. In order to prevent her from repenting at the last moment for such strange reasons, we have to do the locking action before the last date. Here is still required to do the above natural not deliberately, you can gently ask her: tomorrow remember to wear sunscreen Oh, this way of expression that shows your concern for her, at the same time, the most important thing is if the girl replied thank you, that she will be on time to the date.

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How to ask a girl out – after a successful date

After meeting, you can express your happiness and give your date an expectation. If this expectation is well used, it will directly improve the quality of your date.

How to ask a girl out – expectation of invitation

What What if you fail to ask a girl out?

There is no single success rate of 100%. We need to reach the final successful invitation in as short a time as possible. Here is a very important skill. It is also a practical small dry goods summed up by our tutors through actual combat and continuous learning. If the girl refuses to invite, the boy should not express anger. He can even send a circle of friends on the date day to express that he and his friends went to the dating place and had a good time. In this way, the girl will get a guilt point. Every time the girl doesn’t go, she will create a chance to go next time and always usher in a real date.

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