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Is it that when people reject you, they can make light of it

And when you want to reject others, but always feel that they are evil?

Is it true that when you are with others, you are always afraid of being cold and always nervous to find a topic?

Even in online chat, you will carefully consider the wording and expressions, afraid that both sides into the embarrassment of no words

Even if someone owes you money and does not pay, you will still think about the other party.


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How to get the money back without hurting him

You just care too much about other peoples feelings in everything

You are careful and do not want to bring trouble to anyone around you

With full of goodwill to the world, only to find that your goodness, often in the eyes of others

Become cowardly, become stupid

Its not that you dont understand

Its just that you always think

It is selfish to ignore the feelings of others

But you have forgotten one thing

Not caring about your own feelings is self-abuse


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Youve become what people call a people-pleasing personality, caring about everyone all the time

But the world never seems to care about you as much as you think it does

Stop trying to please people who dont deserve it

Your mother worked so hard to raise you, not to let you take the hot face to the cold ass of others

So, whether its friendship or love, you should find someone who respects you and warms you up.

This kind of relationship is what you should have

Thats why so many people can find true friends and soulmate on Bothlive.


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Learn to say no, learn to say no

Learn to make yourself happy without hurting others

This is not ego, this is wisdom

Only when you stay true to your heart can you be free in the true sense of the word!

And there is only one definition of success in this world

That is to live your life the way you want to

Remember this, go to Bothlive, and find your warm soul mate!

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What are the differences between Chinese and Western dating culture?

Difference 1: Dating is dating

Dating sites free online chat: When British men and women meet or start dating, they mostly just look at the suitability of each other and whether they can talk to each other, and have no more expectations. As for how many mines in the family, whether both parents are dead or not, it may not quite affect the later development.

And dating and falling in love is not about getting married – some people have children and are still just boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. Perhaps marriage involves more legal issues, or more responsibility? This may be very different from China, after all, Chinese children are taught from an early age that “love without the purpose of marriage is a hooligan”.


Difference 2: Each pays for the other

Dating sites free online chat: When eating on a first date, usually men will pay, and women will also mean it, to pay together. Later in the date, usually each pay their own, or two people take turns to pay. My friend said that a long time ago, men were usually gentlemanly in paying for dinner because women did not work. But now that we all earn money and are independent, there’s no need for men to always pay, or it wouldn’t be fair.

Older female friends also say that many couples also spend their own money, but will have a joint account to pay for utilities or savings.


Difference 3: You can have sex first, but not necessarily confirm the relationship first

Dating sites free online chat: After going out to dinner a few times or attending a few events, if they feel good about each other, chances are they can sleep together. But at this time the two people are not necessarily boyfriend and girlfriend. The matter of confirming the relationship, according to friends, depends on the rhythm. Some happen to be in a relationship, it will be natural to talk about boyfriend and girlfriend, some are still then in a relationship, only a little more focused. Of course, this also varies from person to person. If you meet a religious person, you have to wait until marriage. So ladies don’t have to be accommodating, just go at your own pace.


Dating sites free online chat: The kind of people who are eager to invite you to their homes or cook dinner at your home without talking a few times, you can politely decline. Friends suggest that it’s best to have a coffee before deciding if you want to have dinner. If you are a woman, it is best not to exchange phone numbers or share your address too soon.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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