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8 Dating Advice For Men | Don’t Make Her Hate You!

Many dating advice for men will tell you that you can do these things and you can’t do those things. In fact, dating is not to please a girl. The purpose of dating is to enhance mutual understanding and let you know if you can further develop. If you want to leave a good impression on her, in addition to respect her in communication, the more important thing is to be good at observation and thinking. Dating advice for men is important, but if you apply some dating rules to every girl, you’ll only leave her the impression of a mindless slob.

However, our culture and social environment still have certain expectations for the behavior of boys in dating. The girl you’re dating may expect the same from you. Understanding these expectations and being tactful in dealing with them may add a lot of points to a woman’s mind.

8 dating advice for men

1. Dating advice for men – you can ask for payment

This is not to say that when dating, boys should take the initiative to bear all the expenses. Especially if your date is an independent girl and you have to pay all the bills, she may feel uncomfortable. It’s a matter of communication. After all, when you talk about money on your first date, you may leave a stingy impression on a girl.

You can try to pay the bill and see how she reacts. If she asks for a split in the bill, you probably know her attitude towards it.

If your date wants to split the bill and you’re interested in going out with her, tell her to pay this time and come next time. So you have a reason to ask her out next time.

2. Dating advice for men – be careful about personal privacy

Maybe you’d like to know if she’s had an emotional experience before, and maybe you’d like to know her attitude towards sex. Or maybe you want to know what she thinks of you. These are also things that need to be communicated.

But even if you’re in a hurry to know, save it for a second date.

Why? First, many people, men and women, do not take the initiative to share personal topics with people they do not know very well. In addition, our social culture is sometimes not very friendly to girls with rich emotional and sexual experiences. If you touch on these issues too early, you may make her uncomfortable.

3. Dating advice for men – you can take the initiative to contact after a date

This is not to say that boys have to take the initiative in love. However, if the date is in the evening, the boy can ask if the other party has arrived home and whether the road is safe after saying goodbye. This often makes a good impression on girls. In addition, in China, many girls really expect boys to take the initiative in love. So, if you really want to continue dating, take the initiative to contact!

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4. Dating advice for men – appearance

When dating a woman for the first time, you must pay attention to your personal image. Only a clean man can be liked by a woman.

5. Dating advice for men – words and deeds

Boys in dating, pay attention to their behavior, don’t laugh too much, try not to show your teeth, after all, they and the other party is only the first date, we are not very familiar, don’t show their rude side.

6. Dating advice for men – try to date in public places

Why should we choose public places for dating? This way can avoid embarrassment. If it’s too quiet, you may feel embarrassed.

7. Dating advice for men – keep distance

The first date, boys and girls to maintain a certain distance, because too close, will let each other think too casual, do not respect each other’s feelings.

8. Dating advice for men – don’t be cold

No matter whether the other party makes you satisfied or not, don’t be too cold, because it’s not easy for two people to come out, and can’t make the other party feel unhappy. Now that they come out, make a good date, and let’s talk about the follow-up.

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