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Best Online Dating Openers! How To Say Hello To A Girl

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The most troublesome thing for many brothers is that he has learned a lot, but his knowledge is always unable to connect.

Every time through a variety of ways to recognize girls, how to start to become the most headache.

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I carefully summed up some content, tell you, for the network just know the girl, we should talk like this.

Online dating openers 1: Topic entry

Through the public information such as avatar, nickname, signature, space dynamic, circle of friends, message board and so on, we can find her hobbies, especially annoying things, and some personal habits.

If you find out

① She likes to listen to Adele’s songs.

② She likes to listen to Eminem.

③ She likes playing badminton.

④ She likes Japanese dramas.

⑤ She hates Cardi B.

⑥ She hates the ambiguous relationship between men and women.

⑦ She doesn’t like pineapples in particular.

⑧ She has the habit of drinking a cup of hot water after getting up every day.

⑨ She has the habit of running every night.

Which topic would you choose to cut in?

The correct answers are (2), (4), (6) and (8).

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In the early stage of topic cutting, the minority or deep category is preferred, and the “collusion” situation is formed.

Of course, other options should not forget that they are still very useful in the later stage.

Online dating openers 2. Drive girls

Online dating openers ① You don’t need to know everything, but you can say anything.

Best opening lines for online dating ② Interesting and witty. The test here is on-the-spot reaction.

Don’t use old jokes, they will only make you more boring.

Online dating openers ③ Be a qualified listener in the early stage, don’t make a fuss.

When a topic is over, immediately find the key words to start the next topic from her recent news. The transition should be natural.

Be a qualified audience in the middle and late stage, and don’t make the atmosphere awkward.

You can start to share your own interesting stories, but pay attention to the reaction of the opposite side and adjust at any time.

Best opening lines for online dating ④ Thinking in another place.

When you type out a line of words or prepare to say a sentence, first bring yourself to her position. If you find that the line of words gives people the feeling of “don’t know what to reply to”, then delete the line of words, type another line of words and repeat the steps.

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Best opening lines for online dating ⑤ Believe me, smooth chat experience is everyone’s favorite.

Online dating openers ⑥ One step ahead of her.

The difficulty coefficient is relatively high. First of all, you should reasonably predict her opinion on something. Before she opens her mouth, you should say this opinion first. This practice will create the illusion of “tacit understanding”.

Best opening lines for online dating ⑦ You can give her an exclusive nickname, that is, only you can call her that way.

Online dating openers ⑧ From the previous chat records or interviews to find a few interesting stems, these stems are so interesting, do not waste, rest assured to repeat it, will not rot.

Dating app opening lines ⑨ In any case, we must respect her, we must know the propriety when joking, this is the bottom line.

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Online dating openers 3. Field control

Online dating openers ①

In the early stage, you can take the initiative to chat every day, but in the middle and late stage, you must restrain your impulse and wait for her to come to you. If she doesn’t take the initiative, it’s that what you did in front of you is not good enough. Don’t let her feel that if you don’t have anything all day, you just know to talk with her.

Dating app opening lines ②

Create completely controllable small conflicts, small contradictions, small cold war, grasp the degree, this play can quickly improve the emotional foundation.

③ Create a strong contrast in your personality and your usual chat state

Online dating opening lines: Let’s go out and buy some fruit. When passing by pineapple, you can casually say, “I don’t like pineapple, and I don’t know why this anti-human thing exists.”.

When you pass by the playground, you can say, “I really don’t know what these people do at night. It’s obviously what they do in the morning.”.

Psychological distance is very important, too aggressive will make girls alert.

As long as you walk in too much, you must step back at the right time. If you walk in all the time, you will form a kneeling and licking situation. If you step back all the time, you will make her feel that you are a fool.

In the process of pacing back and forth, you will be surprised to find that you have been able to say everything, even close enough to reach her as soon as you reach out.

Online dating openers 4. Ending

Girls make emotional decisions.

Some small things are often the most emotional, don’t just talk about love all day, do more, she is not blind, can see. It doesn’t prevent her from becoming your girlfriend in a moment.

She didn’t think about anything, anyway, follow the mood, this is the girl.

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