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3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know

Dating is a very important thing for couples. If the result of a date is good, it will be good for the other person. But if you don’t deal with it for a long time, you may lose points. So let’s learn the dating rules I share!

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3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 1. Be sure to be on time

Maybe many girls think that as long as they dress like a queen, even if they are half an hour late, boys will still be full of expectations. In fact, both men and women will leave a bad impression on each other when they are late.

Punctuality is not only a reflection of your own self-cultivation, but also a respect for each other, because time is a precious resource for everyone.

3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 2. Dress appropriately

Proper and comfortable dressing will not only give you a comfortable feeling, but also make you enjoy the dating process with ease, instead of always worrying about whether you will wrinkle your dress or not, and you don’t need to endure the abuse of hattenko.

Dress according to the form and occasion of the appointment.

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3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 3. Go to familiar places

People’s sense of security comes from familiarity. The familiar places make you feel comfortable psychologically. In addition, you can control the familiar places. You know what dishes are delicious, when to go, and the familiar waiters will provide you with considerate service. All these can help you create a perfect date.

3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 4. Advance arrangement

The form of appointment is not only limited to candlelight dinner, but also various forms and contents. Plan ahead according to the other party’s preferences and specific conditions. For example, outdoor activities can be arranged when the weather is good, so as to enjoy the beautiful scenery in nature and promote the relationship between the two sides.

However, no matter what kind of appointment is, it’s better to plan the details in advance and make a plan to eliminate the unexpected factors that may damage the appointment.

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3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 5. Prepare small gifts

Girls like to receive gifts, whether precious or not, to express a heart, a concern, will give each other a surprise.

Don’t give expensive gifts for the first time, which may burden the other party. A better choice is to send flowers, trinkets, dolls and other things.

3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 6. Have a good conversation

No matter what kind of date, core or conversation, only when you have a pleasant conversation and enhance each other’s feelings, can your date be considered a complete success.

To prepare more about communication, looking for topics, each other’s preferences, interests and other related content, in the appointment to listen carefully, appropriate encouragement, timely questions, to ensure that the appointment in a happy atmosphere, to leave good memories for both sides.

3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 7. Concentration

Dating belongs to two people. It’s hard to get the time to be alone. We should cherish it and concentrate on it, so that the other person will feel safe, love and respect.

It’s better to put off the irrelevant calls and business, or postpone them later. Even if you are not very interested in the other person’s topic, smile, and then change the topic timely. Don’t destroy the good feeling.

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3rd Date Rules Of Dating You Have To Know 8. About paying

Dating is the problem of designing to pay. In fact, this problem is very sensitive. How to do it will also affect the favor and impression in each other’s heart.

If you are a boy, then you must take the initiative to pay, after all, China has such a tradition since ancient times. If you are a girl, don’t always wait for the boy to pay. You have to pay yourself. Even if you don’t need to pay in the end, at least you should take this attitude to make the other person feel that you are an independent woman

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