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3 Dating Scripts That Attract Girls


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3 Dating Scripts That Attract Girls: Dating is the most basic link in love, and it is also a romantic way to talk about love. It can make love keep heating up, and let each other have more common memories. At a higher level, it can create collusion in dating, that is, to do something with each other that only you know but outsiders don’t know, and enhance the sense of connection between you.

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Since many brothers don’t know how to date, I have sorted out a set of efficient dating process. This article first talks about the matters needing attention in dating. I divide it into three stages: before dating, during dating and after dating.

Dating scripts that attract girls: 1. Before appointment:

Dating script01. Image:

Many boys actually have a misunderstanding that we girls like those handsome guys. Let’s just say that every girl’s definition of handsome is different. For example, you boys all like beautiful women with high marks. Are your girlfriends all goddess class? The answer is definitely no, everyone has a love of beauty, no one wants to sit opposite a crooked melon crack jujube bar.

I have a male friend. He is 160, weighs 200, has a big nose and a little bald. He is very low self-esteem, think that he can’t compete with those tall and straight handsome guy, think that he want to play a lifetime bachelor, once considered plastic surgery. But when he began to chat up on their respective occasions, he found that it was not as bad as he thought. Although women like handsome guys, they are not obsessed with finding a handsome boyfriend.

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And what I want to tell you is that, in fact, he has an advantage over tall, strong and handsome men, because he is less threatening and won’t make people wary. Therefore, when chatting up or dating, men don’t need to be handsome, but they must not be slovenly. They should pay attention to their appearance.

Dating script02. Choice of dating places

Here are three common places: movies, restaurants and small concerts

Some dating script① Movie:

Remember to watch the film review in advance, choose the one that is slightly interesting. When you get the film information, remember to ask the girls what they think. Don’t lead the girls at will. If you have different opinions, you can fix a time and make a sign of your next appointment. For example: I’ll watch this one with you this time, and you’ll watch another one with me on Saturday.

One thing to watch out for in the movies: never go on a first date. It’s not convenient to upgrade the relationship. Don’t forget the purpose of the appointment. Some people don’t recommend going to a movie on a previous date, but there’s an advantage here. After a girl and you watch a movie, they will link you to that movie. I think of you when I talk about this movie with others.

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Some dating script② Catering:

Ask girls if they don’t eat. Here’s a point to note: don’t choose food and drink at the beginning of the first date, it’s not convenient to communicate.

be careful:

Choose the right place according to the girl’s dress, such as the girl wearing high heels, you take her to climb mountains, or outdoor activities, this is a mistake that can not occur. You can choose a place where you can chat.

It is suggested that you should be familiar with the place you go and try to avoid going to a strange environment. People will feel unnatural in a strange environment. If you are not even natural yourself, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of dating.

Dating scripts that attract girls: 2. On a date

Dating script01. Chat content during appointment

We should make it clear that the purpose of asking questions is to establish a better connection with girls and achieve normal and harmonious communication. Therefore, continuous interrogation of girls should be completely prohibited.

Dating script02. Does that mean you can’t ask questions?

Of course not. Our problem is to bring out our own content and make girls like us through script implantation.

For example, ask a girl, “what club do you join at school?” Lead out their own club interesting, the best is to attract girls, so that girls want to know.

You can also find the entry point according to the environment or surrounding things at that time. For example, there may be a lovely little girl sitting at the next table, which can open up interesting stories of childhood.

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Dating script03. How to naturally send out charm?

Some dating script① Be generous is the key.

Pay attention to details, such as helping her open the chair, and taking care of whether she doesn’t eat when ordering.

Some dating script② Quality:

for example, the attitude towards waiters, many girls will be educated or influenced by this, saying that your boyfriend’s attitude towards waiters is the attitude towards you in the future, which is the simplest and most basic. We must remember that girls are already investigating you when they decide to go out with you, especially the early date.

Dating script03. What do you do when you face a girl’s test on a date?

Note that this is not a waste test. It’s just a topic that most girls choose to open at will on their first date. On the one hand, they don’t have words to talk about, on the other hand, they subconsciously screen and investigate.

Do you often ask girls out?

At this time, you can start the humor mode and answer jokingly: I’m often asked out by girls. Don’t take the initial test seriously.

Dating script04. Contrast of dating atmosphere

Just remember one sentence: you can take girls to whatever kind of places you want to achieve

If you want to have a relationship with girls, try to take girls to some secluded and emotional places where you can better motivate girls, such as quiet bar, cinema, or home.

There are no girls who don’t like romance. All girls have a prince charming plot in their heart. They all long for a boy to give her comfort, palpitation and kind care. Beautiful candlesticks or scented candles, delicate flowers and even bright and clean tablecloth can make girls feel close. Appropriate language transfer or close contact are more easily accepted by girls in this environment.

Dating script05. Appointment notes

Once again, don’t be obscene when making a date. I hope you don’t have the following two situations:

Some dating script① The girl agreed to your invitation, when she whispered with you, a kind of warmth gradually spread around you. But greed makes you ignore the beauty of the moment. You want to go further:

How can we hold hands?

How can I kiss?

How to determine the relationship?

How can I have sex with her?

You’re all about yourself, all about taking. Your impatience and offence finally disappoint the girl and leave you.

Some dating script② She agreed to your invitation and whispered with you. A kind of warmth gradually spread around you. But weakness makes you doomed to miss this wonderful opportunity. You never dare to go further:

You dare not hold hands

You dare not kiss

You dare not show her your heart

You dare not take her back to your house.

You only dare to repeat some ambiguous words that only you can understand over and over again. Your cowardice finally disappoints the girl and leaves you far away.

Dating scripts that attract girls: 3. After the date

One thing to note after the date is contact. How to contact? That night or the next day? What’s the best content to contact? All of these need attention.

The purpose of this contact is to see if the girl’s interest in you will increase. So you need to contact that night, the contact content is probably “are you home?” If it’s late, say good night to each other, don’t contact each other the next morning, and contact each other in the afternoon. You can send some interesting topics, and you can know whether the date is successful according to the reaction of the girls.

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