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Reasons: When Your Ex Downgrades

When your ex downgrades, what should you do? Nowadays, relationships are too precious and make people who give their heart so tired. Whenever you remember that he is in contact with a new candidate, you are inexplicably upset and irritable.

The new girlfriend is not as good as you, not as good as you, not as good as your body, but he chose her and firmly abandoned you. Did you really lose? Although you do not want to admit it, but the fact is that he just has started to focus on others.

When your ex downgrades quotes, he may still love you, even more than he loves his new lover. But if his new girlfriend can let him see the future, and you even have a deeper emotional foundation, but always let him see the future, then give up on you, is his inevitable choice.




Why did he choose the condition without you?

1. In order to heal

When your ex downgrades Emotional wounds are often more difficult to heal, some people say from a relationship out, the best way is to find a new relationship, or let time slowly to heal.

When your ex downgrades quotes -This is the time when his new girlfriend can make him forget about you and can make him feel comfortable. So he chooses a female partner who can make him feel comfortable and happy, even if her condition, looks and body are not as good as yours.


2. Needs change

When your ex downgrades – Two people initially together, will be attracted to each other because of the external. But after spending time together, there will be a deeper level of needs. It is no longer stay in the external attraction, more is needed to meet the internal needs.

You are always strong if you are beautiful because you look good. Over time, when he meets a girl with a soft personality, it will maximize his desire to protect. He may be very macho and want to spoil his girlfriend instead of always being pointed at her nose!


When your ex downgrades – His new girlfriend, may be able to play ball with him and play games with him. You, on the other hand, always want to force him to live a life you don’t like. Maybe you are doing it for his own good, for the good of your future. But the way you use it inspires his defensiveness and defiance, which eventually leads him into the arms of his new girlfriend.

If you really want to get back, then you need to understand his needs and what the root of your problems are.

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How to get back?

1. Learn his new girlfriend

When your ex downgrades – Many people reading this will think it’s ridiculous to learn about the person who stole your sweetheart? In fact, no one is perfect, if you can not put aside prejudice, from his new girlfriend to sum up what your ex needs is. Then your understanding of your ex can only stay in your own conjecture.

When your ex downgrades quotes – You broke up, probably because the needs between you were not met. Since you choose to get back, since you can’t let go, you should take a step forward and start with his needs.

Redemption is a process of providing value and taking advantage of the strengths and weaknesses. When you do not know, do not understand the thoughts of your ex, from his new girlfriend to find, to compare. When your ex downgrades – This kind of comparison is of course without emotion, without prejudice, you have to explore what the current needs of your ex is, so that you can see more, understand more.


2. Learn to tolerate

When your ex downgrades – Many people see their ex has his new girlfriend, will inexplicably feel panicked. The ex’s every move will make her lose her bearings. The new girlfriend is really difficult to get back, but not a little hope, after all, you are also from the stranger to the hot love, and finally go to break up. Getting back an ex with a new girlfriend usually takes longer, so you must have patience.


When your ex downgrades – During this period, you need to witness the whole process of their development, need to endure the cynicism of others, need to endure friends and girlfriends to stop. The process is hard, but remember, this is what you must face to get back, you choose to get back your ex who has a new girlfriend, it means you need to face loneliness, all the sorrows only you know.

The first thing you need to do is to learn to be patient, which is a necessary skill to get your ex back and get him back with a new girlfriend.


When your ex downgrades – At the same time you need to wait for the opportunity to wait for them to create conflicts. When the opportunity comes to move forward with a new self, a more valuable self.

Of course, this opportunity can appear, the future of things no one can be sure. When your ex downgrades – If you want to get back, all you can do is try your best to get every part right and do it right, so that your chances of success in getting back are greatly increased!


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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