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Sad: Break Up Letter For Him

Break up letter for him:

I recently received a breakup letter from a reader.

The following is about the letter (permission has been obtained to publish it)


Xxx, let’s break up.

This is not a recent decision, but a sobering one that I made at some point. You came just right, and I gilded our encounter with so much golden light that I could easily swallow your cruelty. ( Break up letter for him )

I remember telling you that “it’s good to know you at this time”, when I thought that I just matured and you just stabilized, it was the right time. Now I think it’s a pity that I met you earlier, even if it was a relationship that didn’t end, I was willing to run to one, and then a little later to meet you, perhaps to meet your needs for realistic conditions.


And the present moment is regretful and powerless. In my eyes, you are a teenager look, your dark eyes, your smile, your ideas, your worries, your preferences, all with the after taste of youth, you always want to make yourself as soon as possible like an adult look, but I always want to protect your teenage, so I am willing to tolerate you, pay for you, pay time, pay energy, pay emotions, pay material, pay my heart. So it seems I look like a passive fool, but in fact not, because the person who pays has the right to call a halt, I think it’s not right, so first pause. ( Break up letter for him )


I’ve read many romance novels and seen many romance movies and am no longer amazed at what happens in life. But this is a delusion, the delusion of an arrogant person, I am still fragile, fragile like the buds of spring now, can not withstand what the storm. I have never had a happy and complete family, nor a good lover, I often wonder what good love is like, long ago I read a quote from Paulo Coelho ” love is an act of total surrender”, I understand it this way, when you really love I think that when you really love someone, you are willing to take off your guard, surrender, give and accept each other openly, this is what I think love looks like, and you can’t give me that. ( Break up letter for him )


One night, I solemnly agreed with you that we should hold hands together to listen to music festivals, concerts, I will practice driving well, and go to Qinghai Lake with you to see the scenery, this is not just a casual remark, one day if you can, I want to complete this agreement. ( Break up letter for him )


xxx, I’m sorry, I’m going to retire successively, although I’m 27 years old, but I still can’t afford to be separated from the people I love, so I can’t wait for you to come back and then make this decision, then, this decision can no longer be made, not the day of love, may you cherish. ( Break up letter for him )

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Break up letter for him: When I saw this breakup letter, I couldn’t help but ask what love is.

Fromm said that love is essentially giving rather than getting.

Ken Takakura said that love is to think about and cherish each other’s life and your own with compassion and love.

Love is probably a feeling, when you see this title immediately think of the person’s mouth slightly up sweet feeling that rushed to the heart.

The person you love is the one you love with all your heart. Maybe it doesn’t matter what love is.



Love may be

The so-called love, not a bombastic vow, but a simple companion; the so-called love, not to avoid giving each other the responsibility of happiness, but to try to make each other happy obligation; the so-called love, not too early, not too late, when it comes is the best time; the so-called love, is with you, to frost dyed white hair, to see the long flow of water. Today, this special day, write to you believe in love.


I hope that when you grow old, people ask about the person you loved despite everything, you still have a soft smile on your face, the corners of your eyes still swirl with sweetness, pointing to the busy figure in the kitchen: “Look, there it is!”


No one can sway your emotions, only you do not let yourself go, do not stay up late, who does not have a story in mind, just learn to control.


The future will be what, to walk hard to know, since you have decided to a road, and why to inquire how long to go. The first to become more like yourself, the road is still long, the day will always light. ( Break up letter for him )


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on a person, fearing that if you do something wrong, the other party will not like you, which is not love, but pleasing; after the breakup, you feel more in love with the other party, and you can’t live without him, which is also not love, but unwillingness. ( Break up letter for him )


Sometimes I feel that the world is small and I don’t want to meet people I can meet in a supermarket. Sometimes it feels like the world is big, and the people you want to see really don’t see each other again.  


The person who understands you will love you in the way you need to. The person who doesn’t understand you will love you in the way he needs to. The person who understands you, is often half-hearted, he loves freely, you suffer from happiness. The person who does not understand you, often half the effort, he loves the effort, you suffer hard. In the world of two people, understanding is more difficult to do than love.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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