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Power Of Silence After Break Up: The Truth Of Men’s Silence

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Power of silence after break up

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The power of silence after breaking up: in our emotional life, many women are prone to have such questions:

——Why does this man around me suddenly become silent—— Does a man’s silence mean that the relationship is getting farther and farther away—— When the man becomes silent, is my love coming to an end?

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The power of silence after being dumped: Why does a man’s silence cause a woman so much emotion? Maybe they think that silence means distance, the change of each other’s feelings, and they may be forced to break up with each other – but these are more from women’s inner conjecture and fear, and from their ignorance of men’s psychology.

Compared with men’s silence, many women are not afraid of quarrel, even they will have deeper emotional connection and psychological dependence with each other because of quarrel.

It is precisely because of the release of emotions that women release their suppressed anger and dissatisfaction, obtain a moment of peace and serenity, and also feel the deep love in each other’s heart.

Of course, if the other party is silent for a long time, and has been indifferent, do not give you any response. This time is a challenge to the relationship between the two sides, this time you need to use non violent communication.

The power of silence after breaking up: what does a man’s silence mean?

Power of silence after break up 1. A man’s silence is not a refusal or a lack of love for you

Many girls lack understanding of men’s psychology, and think that men’s silence is the performance of refusing to communicate and not loving themselves.

In her usual cognition, it seems that there are endless love words between men and women when they have a good relationship.

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The power of silence after being dumped: If a man does not like to talk for a period of time, the other party will probably doubt whether he has changed his mind, whether he has many secrets of his own, whether he really does not love me before, and his heart will soon gallop with great fear and anxiety, making it difficult for him to sleep.

The real situation is likely to be that men’s silence may be due to some troubles recently, perhaps at work or in life.

But because of his man’s self-esteem, he always wanted to carry it down by himself, and he didn’t want to worry his family, and didn’t want to block his lover’s heart and affect the family atmosphere, so he chose temporary silence.

Power of silence after break up 2. Men need more personal psychological space and solitude

When encountering problems, a man will often focus on solving problems. He is likely to have no time to care about his feelings and family, and people will become a little silent.

This kind of behavior is easy to make people around some do not understand or even misunderstand. Especially in the face of the pressure of life and work, men are more inclined to deal with it through independent bearing and digestion than women’s external disclosure and expression.

At this time, silence is a psychological need for him. He needs a quiet environment and a space to be alone to recharge himself.

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And that’s the opposite of women. Because he needs more energy to focus on how to solve the problem in front of him, so he has less energy to spend on family and emotion.

Therefore, in many cases, a man’s silence is a need for his self-renewal and self growth.

In the face of major problems, he needs time and energy to think of ways, just can’t take care of it for a moment.

Power of silence after break up 3. Men in silence just don’t know how to communicate

In fact, many men are not deliberately silent, rather than do not know how to express, or afraid of conflict.

In their view, conflict and contradiction are the main factors leading to family unhappiness, because of the fear memory of their original family.

Perhaps parents often have quarrels and conflicts, so they have the psychology of disgust and avoidance, and their hearts are full of powerlessness and frustration.

Both sides are suffering in the intimate relationship, but they don’t know how to deal with it.

The power of silence after breaking up: avoid labeling men’s silence with cold violence

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The power of silence after being dumped: Silent men are often regarded as deliberately refusing to communicate. In the eyes of many women, men’s silence is easy to be regarded as cold violence. But this is a sad misunderstanding.

Most of the time, we make a subjective judgment on each other’s silence behavior, in fact, we do not know the real intention and motivation behind this behavior.

We add personal emotions and confuse the huge difference between observation and comment.

The power of silence after breaking up: for example, when we talk about some topics, because I really see that he does not respond to himself, I will think that he is unwilling to pay attention to himself according to his consistent negative thoughts, instead of thinking in another position. I think that he may not know how to respond to you, but you have drawn such a conclusion for his behavior.

Then, based on this conclusion, you will strengthen your misconception and stimulate your emotional impulse, and your negative attacks and accusations will make the other party unable to communicate with you normally, so you will sit on his judgment of deliberately exerting cold violence on you.

The power of silence after being dumped: In such a wrong interpretation, the relationship between the two people finally had a serious rift, and finally chose to break up or divorce.

It’s hard for us to understand why we used to love each other so much, but now we are. In each other’s hearts left a lot of regret and pain.

The power of silence after breaking up: how to face men’s silence

Power of silence after break up 1. Avoid constant questioning, respect and understanding.

For men’s silence, we should give full understanding and respect. We need to understand that silence is an emotional expression of men, but also a psychological need. This is not only a respect for the psychological differences between men and women, but also a respect for men’s individual psychological needs.

Power of silence after break up 2. Express your sincere concern and patient company

When you see your man go home silent, you should carefully observe his emotional state, and pour him a glass of water silently. Silence may be the best communication between two people at this time.

The power of silence after a breakup: To avoid forced questioning, you just need to care about his life. For example, he may forget to eat because he is thinking about problems, so you can kindly remind him to eat, or prepare him silently.

For a man’s silence, you just need to express your sincere concern and patient company by not disturbing him.

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