A man's hand is holding a woman's hand and seems so happy with his rebound

Ex Seems So Happy With His Rebound? Small Matter

In the adult world, breakups are common. But many people will be unhappy, lost and even jealous when they see that their ex seems so happy with his rebound. This is human nature. Let’s talk about this phenomenon.

Why are you unhappy when you see that your ex seems so happy with his rebound

“Originally, we are not the only one of each other. If you change a person, you can still repeat those deep feelings.”

When you see another woman happy with your ex, you will feel lost, frustrated, jealous and unwilling.

You suddenly start to be jealous. You are jealous of the new lover of your ex. She met him later than you. The man you trained with one hand gave up to another woman. You are jealous that your new lover can have him now and in the future, and you can’t have him anymore.


Is your ex really as happy as you look?

Not always.

You must have broken up with your ex because of his shortcomings. And his new lover may not know his shortcomings. So they may break up sooner or later.

And you don’t need to be unwilling or sorry, because you deserve a better lover.

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What should you do when you learn that your ex seems so happy with his rebound?

In fact, a person’s biggest sense of panic comes from not having a goal and not working hard for it. That’s why you’ve been in a state of emotional control.

The only thing you should do now is to find out what you want.

Your ex seems so happy with his return, if this can give you a strong emotional impact, it means that you are still in an uneasy period of breaking up. You are uneasy because you don’t find a real goal for yourself.

1. Sort out your emotions first

The mood of breaking up actually comes from what you want, but you can’t get it.

Emotions are deceptive. Many times, you are deceived by your emotions, and you don’t know it. For example, when you see that the other party has a new lover, you feel very angry. Maybe it’s not because you still like him, but just because you don’t feel reconciled.

When combing your emotions, you can ask yourself this question: what are my current needs?

You can choose from several options:

A. I never forget my ex. I want to get back together

B. I have a big vacancy in emotion. I want love

C. I need more time to heal and seek relief

D. I want a new partner

E. I want to finish those regrets in the past

F. I want to fix some of my own mistakes and change my ex’s view of me

Facing your choice, you continue to ask yourself:

What am I worried about now?

What do I expect?

Am I in a period of emotional swings?

Will my decision change?

(I won’t give you any options this time. It’s an open thinking problem.)

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2. Accept your feelings

After you make a choice, you will find that what you want is not complex, but it is difficult for you to complete it because you can’t accept your choice.

If you find that you want to compound, but you feel very embarrassed. The other party has a new lover, isn’t it ridiculous to propose to compound yourself? Put your dignity on the ground and rub it. How can you humble your mouth in the face of his question of “what have you done long ago”? He must refuse.

This sense of shame makes you unacceptable. You would rather lose everything than accept that you become low-profile. You regard shame as an unspeakable mental disability, which makes you feel imperfect.

You are embarrassed to admit to yourself that you want to, and always find some reasons to say to yourself: don’t make such a choice.

But in feelings, who is perfect? Ex? Not necessarily.

In fact, whether you want to put it down completely or save the other party, you must learn to accept your feelings.

Your reluctance, anger, regret, nostalgia and pain are real and understandable. Don’t escape them because they bring you unpleasant feelings.

Facing an ex with a new lover, everyone will have these feelings. The first step for you to learn to digest is to face your emotions and feelings. Understand why you have these emotions, talk to your true feelings, and ask if they prevent you from making the right choice.


3. Make plans for your goals and put them into action

I suggest you don’t get back together with your ex.

You still have many more important things to do. Here is a strategy on how to be happy after breaking up, which will help you.


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