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What Should I Do If My Ex Is Hot And Cold? 3 Ways

What should I do if My ex is hot and cold? Many people will encounter such a situation, My ex is hot and cold, completely confusing themselves.


What to do when My ex is hot and cold? The ex will give you good indicators at the same time, but will suddenly lose contact or be indifferent. What does it mean?


When My ex is hot and cold, some of them were uncomfortable. When the ex was indifferent, they still sent up several long messages, or came up with a big confession of love, but made their own path of salvation into a dead end. The abyss. Faced with the situation of My ex is hot and cold, how should the psychological state be adjusted, and how to deal with My ex is hot and cold, and reignite the fire of love?

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1. When My ex is hot and cold, the mentality adjustment

When My ex is hot and cold, many people will mistakenly think that the process of recovery is an upward sloping straight line like climbing a mountain. In fact, the process of recovery should be a curve that constantly fluctuates up and down, bending to and fro. When My ex is hot and cold, you have to realize that the other person is no longer your partner, but the ex, so he doesn’t need to be as enthusiastic about you as during the relationship.


When My ex is hot and cold, it is normal for the other party to read you, not to read you back, or to ask you back after a period of time. It is most avoiding to be impatient to restore. As long as the predecessor is willing to reply to you, it is enough to open the door of communication!


When My ex is hot and cold, it may be a long-term battle to redeem it. Short days and long years are possible, and these are the costs to be paid. Can you bear it? I suggest that you can set a stop loss point, say six months or two years, depending on how long you can accept.


When My ex is hot and cold, when you have the knowledge that recovery is likely to evolve into a long-term battle, and you plan the stop loss point, you will not be impatient, you can think clearly about the recovery plan and proceed step by step. There are too many uncontrollable factors to restore. Maybe the ex has a new target to pursue, or the other party just wants to be single and does not want to interact with the opposite sex. So all you can do is control the factors you can control, and don’t be affected by those uncontrollable factors in your mentality.


I often say that you must maintain the winning mentality of “If you have no desire, you will be strong”, so that you will be natural when interacting with your ex. When My ex is hot and cold, letting the other party put your guard down will naturally increase the success rate of future recovery.


2. My ex is hot and cold

There are many reasons for My ex is hot and cold. It may be that the other party has arrived in a new environment and has new jobs, friends, interests, and so on.


When My ex is hot and cold, there will be less conversation in the life circle without intersection, but you have not completely let go of it, so you will still care about you, but when you are cared, you feel that the other person is cold. It may also be that you committed a salvage landmine. When My ex is hot and cold, you were fine, but you made your ex feel that your intentions were very strong, and you raised your guard, and that’s why you became cold again.


When My ex is hot and cold, it is also possible that the ex is still struggling emotionally and rationally, emotionally unable to let go of you, but rationally unable to forgive the mistakes you made in the process of communication. All kinds of reasons can cause hot and cold, but in any case, you should do the same thing, improve and change yourself, and don’t pester your ex.

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3. What should I do if I was caught hot and cold by my ex?

When My ex is hot and cold, if your ex is suddenly hot and cold to you, then you should put your focus back on yourself and make “changes.” I often emphasize that the most important thing to recover is to change. What is it that the predecessor is not satisfied with? It may be that you are in a bad shape, or you have a bad temper.


After making changes, the best way to show it is to show it to the predecessors through actions, and social platforms are also a good communication medium. When My ex is hot and cold, if you dont know how the change is planned, you can send a private message to our consultants and they will help you make a change plan.


When My ex is hot and cold, come again is a redemption mine that many people will commit, just like we must know how to advance and retreat in pursuit of the opposite sex, so is redemption. When you see that your ex has given you a cold signal, stop chasing you and insist on pulling the heat back. This is not a love-building game and a good impression. When My ex is hot and cold, in reality We must know where to advance and retreat. If your predecessor is indifferent, you can also be indifferent. If you only reply to your message any two days before, you will only reply in one or two days.


When My ex is hot and cold, always remember that the heat is similar to or slightly higher than the other party. The hot and cold situation is indeed very worrying. It may be more annoying than ignoring you completely, but you must stay calm and follow the above suggestions to implement. When My ex is hot and cold, don’t be affected by a big riot and a big confession. Many students just lose their breath and fail.


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