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Is It Easier For Men To Glow Up After Breaking Up?

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Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up?

Actually, I personally think it is not a boy, he will be easy to walk out of the lovelorn.

This is the public is confused by superficial phenomena, because boys seem to be more rational, or better face, and unwilling to show their true feelings.

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But we can see from the deep level, in fact, that emotion is something that can be controlled by reason. In real life, there are still many boys who can not walk out because of lovelordness.

Because the hurt from emotion is mutual, it is not boys who will be easy to walk out of the shadow of lovelorn, nor does it mean that girls are easy to bear the shadow of lovelorn.

This mainly depends on the attitude of both sides towards feelings and the role in this war, who pays more and more deeply? He is more difficult to get out of the shadow of lovelorn.


Why do boys seem to be more emotional after they break up?

In fact, we often feel like this in our lives,

A boy, after breaking up, always shows no big difference from his previous life,

You have no retention or petition for your predecessor. You are doubted that you have loved them?

Even sometimes you feel like a wild horse returning to freedom, ready to meet the next relationship.

Are they really so heartless? Didn’t you care about this relationship at all?

In fact, sometimes what the eyes see is not necessarily true.

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The reason why boys feel very emotional after breaking up may be:

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 1.

Born rational, after breaking up, they will easily accept many realistic factors facing this relationship, such as possible personality discord, distant places, family contradictions, etc. once accepted, they feel that it is time to put down.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 2.

The dependence on emotion is far lower than that of girls, because of the hormone effect, boys’ switch on and off for emotion is easy to open and can be quickly closed, unlike girls will think very much.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 3.

If he is so calm and even a little relieved, maybe he is very depressed in this relationship. Now that he is separated, he can finally not please you, and he can no longer be accused of being asked.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 4.

He is hiding his pain, after all, men have tears not light play, after all men should not focus on all of these children and girls.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 5.

Maybe it is only a sense of later knowledge. Suddenly, a new single life is ushered in, and it is still in the enjoyment stage. No one will give him a warm and cold look after him. No one can share life with him. Then, you can realize that it is really lovelorn.

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There are four psychological changes in men after they break up:

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 1.

The desperate period, disguises his own pain

In fact, at this stage, the boy is also suffering, but he does not allow himself to show it,

Girls can cry and vent their emotions, can cut short hair, can talk to their parents and friends, but he can’t.

He will say something cruel, completely cut off your thoughts, may cut off all contact information, or never reply to your news.

At the same time, he will pretend that he has a good life, go out with friends, drink and so on.

You don’t seem to see what the breakup has on him, how to live like this, and you even wonder if he really loved you.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 2.

During the exclusion period, you keep sending messages to men, which will only make him more resistant to you.

The boy in the exclusion period, the heart may be hate to you, disgust, all your shortcomings will be magnified at this moment.

This period of disgust, for a certain period of time, until his emotional path changes, such as not finding other female friends, or later on to you not reluctant.

So in this period, the most taboo is to fight hard + try to persuade the other side + make commitment to ensure + emotional state is low and depressed.

Therefore, break up period needs calm, too crazy and too extreme behavior will only make love irreparable.

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Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 3.

Miss period, after negative mood disappears, he will recall the good time between you.

The children in the nostalgia period should know what they want.

First, we should let the relationship between you develop naturally without any big and purposeful changes.

Girls often become silly when facing the person they like, and even meet all the needs of boys unconditionally.

And by the stage of nostalgia, girls will be silly, and even unconsciously meet the male proposal, not to refuse.

In short, we need to keep rational and treat each other sincerely, and don’t rush to achieve.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 4.

At the beginning of the trial period, he will try all kinds of ways to test the possibility of your reunion.

After the break-up, and the sense of emptiness that can not be found for a while, most men will look back to their predecessors, not for other reasons, because they have not found better than you.

They will usually test your reaction at this stage. If she knows that you have him in her heart, he may retreat. But if you are extremely cold, he will go to you with more and more efforts, find common topics to talk to you and ask you to meet.

03 the four stages that girls will experience after the break-up:

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 1.

I don’t want to admit that I have broken up and cheated myself

If a woman really loves, she will do something stupid. When men break up with them, they start to escape reality and feel like they are still together.

She didn’t want to admit it when she first broke up. Occasionally, I call my boyfriend and send a text message. Although he hardly cared about her, she felt her boyfriend was still around. Sometimes cooking, you can do two people’s share.

At this time, I don’t want to recognize the facts, or need a person to remind her to wake her up and indulge in her own world and don’t want to come out.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 2.

I am sad to accept the reality of breaking up slowly

Life is not imagined after all, so in the period after the break-up, many naked reality will constantly impact her, let her know that boys have separated from her and left her.

For example, no one can accompany her to eat, sleep, watch TV, and have no ever laugh and scold. You can do nothing but alone and alone.

I love you really. I will feel bad after breaking up. After all, my heart is not made of stone.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 3.

Start to persuade yourself, and gradually slow down from grief

People can’t live in sorrow all their lives, always look forward. After a woman loses love, she should look forward. Many times, it is useless for others to say that it is useless. Only when they persuade themselves, can they slow down from the sadness of lovelorn.

In fact, many people will have this experience, be separated and cheer up, fitness, friends, hard to learn and other positive things, make themselves better.

At this time, I am not so obsessed with my ex boyfriend, but I just want to be better myself. Whether it is combined or not, it is not bad. Maybe the next one is better.

Is it easier for men to glow up after breaking up? 4.

Slow down, put the feelings in the memory

Love again deep love, also always have the time to slow down. When a woman has dealt with her feelings, the relationship will not be mentioned again.

After lovelorn, it takes a long time for women to buffer. When they come back, it’s no problem to have a deep relationship. If you are going through this stage, don’t be decadent, and the sad will always pass.

Time is a good medicine, but good medicine is bitter. It can only be said that this stage is painful, but time can cure everything.

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