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I’ve Been Hurt So Many Times In Love, How To Cure?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: I’ve been hurt so many times

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? In fact, everyone has had the experience of lovelorn, but this matter at that time you will feel special pain, even do not know how to do, but looking back, you will think it is a lovely period in life, but also a very important mature process in life.

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For many people, love is beautiful, lovelorn is painful, it is impossible to predict the harm to a person. It’s true that when we love someone, we fight our lives for nothing in return, trying to give the best to him, but in the end, what we get is that he turns around and leaves without looking back. Sometimes, lovelorn can really make people sad to hurt themselves, it is more like a disease, torture your sleep and food.

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? Maybe it’s not good, but if you experience it, don’t get stuck in the mire. We should learn to sort out the past, say goodbye to our predecessors, go ashore easily, and continue to look for the next beauty in our life.

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In fact, to get out of the shadow of lovelorn, the method is very simple, but you should actively change, I put forward some suggestions to see if it can help you.

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? 1: Learn to vent negative emotions

Just out of a relationship, the mood will be particularly painful, depressed, depressed. At this time, don’t carry it alone. It’s much better to find friends, family members or psychiatrists to resolve the negative emotions than to hide in the corner and feel sad alone.

You can cry a lot, shout and jump in no one’s place, vent the pain from your body through tears, voice and body, and feel comfortable after having a good time. Love is not the whole life, lovelorn is not so terrible, as long as find the right way to resolve negative emotions, the next relationship is not far away waiting for you.

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? 2: Analysis of the reasons for emotional failure

People learn to grow up when they fall, so does love! The failure of a relationship may not be the problem of one party. After calming down, you should learn to reflect on yourself and give an account to the failed relationship.

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Think about your love, find out what you didn’t do well in this relationship, learn from your experience, make yourself a better self, and say goodbye to the past.

In the world of feelings, there is no right or wrong. No matter who is the reason for breaking up, we should learn to let go. The lovers who come to this step are not the right people in each other’s life.

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? 3: Admit that breaking up is reality

After a lot of people break up, they will over tangle the reasons for breaking up, always cling to the wrong side and sink into it, as if as long as the other side admits the mistake, they can go back to the past.

This situation will only make you unreasonable. It’s better to face the reality of breaking up, try to change, and put your eyes back on yourself. Don’t punish yourself for other people’s mistakes

In the days of lovelorn, you should enrich your life, watch movies, go shopping, travel, attend parties and so on, put all the things you didn’t have time to do before on the agenda, and feel happy in the process. Slowly you will find that lovelorn is really nothing, you can live a colorful life without him.

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I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? 4: Enrich your life and heart

Growing up must be uncomfortable, but it can make you stronger. In this period of lovelorn, you can read more, work hard and cultivate yourself. Only when you become better, can you attract better people.

In the process of hard work, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but as long as you have a goal and move towards it, you will greatly enhance your self-confidence. Little by little, day by day, from quantitative change to qualitative change, you will find that every day after is full of vitality.

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? 5: Looking forward to the next love

Although lovelorn is a bitter emotional experience, don’t deny all love and lose the ability to love just because of one love failure.

Time is a good medicine to cure everything, it will change everything, slowly dilute your memory, let you come out from the sadness. No matter how unforgettable the hurt is, it will tend to be dull in the end. When time reaches a certain point, we should put down our guard and learn to love again, accept and look forward to the next love wholeheartedly.

I’ve been hurt so many times in love, how to cure? When you re-enter a relationship, you will find that all the remaining negative emotions are cured.

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