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I Said Girl Why You Keep Calling After Breakup

A reader asked why he broke up with his girlfriend, but she kept calling him? I said girl why you keep calling after breakup. Here are a few reasons

I said girl why you keep calling after breakup

1. She wants to hear your voice

She may see the lovers eating together on the road and feel envious, so she wants to have a chat with you, ask about your recent situation and listen to your voice. There is no special meaning.

2. She wants to show off his life with you

Maybe you are separated from her because of her work, her salary, even her car and house. When she works well, her salary is higher, and she has a boyfriend who is more handsome than you, she will unconsciously think of the harm you have done to her, so as to contact you again and show off her life and material with you.

3. Because she cares about you

In this case, generally appears in the woman to break up with you, powerless, so can only compromise, agree to your breakup request. But she loves your heart, still in the command of her, care about you, love you, care about you. When she thinks you don’t hate her so much, she will try to call you and show her concern.

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4. She wants to see you

She wants to create opportunities to meet you by calling and increase the number of meetings, even if they last for a few minutes, otherwise she can’t stand it.

5. She wants to be an ordinary friend with you
Most of the hurt and hate caused by breaking up will be diluted with the passage of time. When she comes out of the plight of lovelorn, she will think about right and wrong. She may feel that your relationship is at least more trustworthy than ordinary friends, so she wants to be ordinary friends with you.

6. She wants to get back together with you
Most couples, after breaking up for love will not disappear immediately, after all, two people have a good acquaintance, memories of love. If two people are not looking for a more suitable object, but directly put forward and good will inevitably hinder face, or too abrupt. At this time, I will use some unimportant things to find reasons to contact you.

7. Because she is very lonely
After the breakup, the original two people’s world has become a single life, because there is no new encounter, or do not want to immediately enter the other end of the relationship, you need to face a sudden sense of loneliness. At this time, she will think of her former boyfriend, want you to simply accompany her.

8. She wants to have sex with you

Because she doesn’t find the right person immediately or her current boyfriend is not around, she will try to use the only love you have for her to contact you and ask you out. She usually invites you out for chatting, eating or even drinking. So as to achieve her second step plan, is to let you stay with her at night, so as to satisfy her sexual desire.

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