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How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

How to stop thinking about your ex?

After breaking up, many people feel very sad. They can’t sleep all night. They are in a trance during the day. They don’t do anything and don’t want to do it. They just want to see their ex again. How can I not understand that kind of heartbreaking pain, but life has to live, life has to continue to break up. How can we get out of this embarrassing situation, and how to stop thinking about your ex?

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How to stop thinking about your ex?

1. How to stop thinking about your ex – Have a good cry

Too many lovelorn “chicken soup”, actually listen to all meaningless. It’s not a story that happened to others. Other people’s “chicken soup” can’t save us. The most important thing to do is to have a good cry and cry out all the sadness and grievances.

2. How to stop thinking about your ex – Make yourself sick

I’m in a bad mood after being lovelorn. You can make yourself really sick (only cold, fever, ha). During this period of illness, you can rest without going to work, and you can clean up your mood quietly.

3. How to stop thinking about your ex – Stay at home

Don’t say that far away travel can make you no longer sad, there is no such thing. It’s better to stay at home quietly, let the mood not recover, no longer think about him, and then go out to travel.

4. How to stop thinking about your ex – Change your hairstyle

Women like to cut off their long hair when they want to forget their previous relationship. In fact, this can really make the mood better, men might as well try, also to cut a neat hairstyle, everything from scratch.

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5. How to stop thinking about your ex – Buy new clothes

It’s not a waste of money to buy clothes again. It’s normal to buy a piece of clothes. Even if you don’t lose love, you need new clothes to wear. Buying clothes will bring people a new sense of joy, which will make them forget their troubles and bring happiness.

6. How to stop thinking about your ex – Get up early and run

Nothing can make people forget their worries more than exercise. Those days of insomnia can also be changed from exercise. Get up and run in the morning. There are few people in the morning, and the air is good. Running exercises the body, cultivates perseverance, and makes the heart strong. Don’t think about him any more!

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