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How To Start A Breakup Conversation? 7 Tips

How to start a breakup conversation? No one wants to break up easily and be the one who takes the initiative to end the relationship. How can you be sure that breaking up is the right decision? Moreover, considering when to start, How to start a breakup conversation is enough to make people a headache, and even want to not break up at all and just keep on dragging it. But only by ending an unsuitable relationship can you have a chance of real happiness. This article will tell you a few simple steps on How to start a breakup conversation, so that you can cut the mess quickly and not when you break up. Put yourself and the other party into an embarrassing situation.

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1. How to start a breakup conversation-break up face to face.

Of course, everyone wants to break up successfully without having to face each other, but breaking up through phone calls, text messages, e-mails, etc. is inevitably unkind, simple and crude. Unless you are in a long-distance relationship and do not plan to see each other again, or if the other party makes you have personal safety concerns, How to start a breakup conversation? Don’t break up from a long distance through telephone, email, chat software, etc.


2. How to start a breakup conversation-Keep calm during the breakup conversation.

You can say “we need to talk well” in a straightforward and serious tone, so that the other party will be psychologically prepared immediately, which is also a good choice. But you’d better not say something like “Let’s break up” in a hurry. It’s even worse if you say it during a fight. How to start a breakup conversation? You can use a calm tone to gradually bring the topic to the breakup and give the other party time to prepare. It is best for both parties to sit down during the conversation, and then slowly tell each other your decision to break up.


3. How to start a breakup conversation-When talking, focus on the relationship, not the other person.

How to start a breakup conversation? You can discuss the inappropriate aspects of the relationship instead of always saying that the other person has problems. Because at this time, the opponent is already weak and has already felt hurt. Therefore, if you censure the opponent one by one, you will only increase this kind of damage.

How to start a breakup conversation? For example, don’t say “You are too clingy and insecure”, but say “In my relationship I value independence and freedom of each other.” Don’t say “you are too unconfident and insecure”, and don’t say “I feel weaker for you”. It can be said “I think independence in relationships is very important.” As long as it is fact, there is no need to entangle who is at fault.


4. How to start a breakup conversation-Don’t give the other person hope.

How to start a breakup conversation? It is best not to say those words that are easy for the other party to misunderstand and think that there is hope for a compound in the future. Don’t say things like “We may see you again next year” or “Maybe we can do it again when things get better.” Although this seems to alleviate the embarrassment of the breakup, it actually makes the breakup change, and it is no longer a real breakup. How to start a breakup conversation? Regardless of your original intention of breaking up, don’t leave this false hope to the other party.


5. How to start a breakup conversation-Be mentally prepared for the other person’s reaction.

If you decide to break up, you need to be mentally prepared. The other party may argue with you or even get angry. No matter what, you must not compromise, and you must not continue to subject yourself to the control of an undesirable partner. How to start a breakup conversation? Be psychologically prepared as follows: the other party may question. The other party wants to know exactly why you want to break up, and wants to know what else you can do to stay away from breaking up. When answering such questions, try to be as honest as possible.


How to start a breakup conversation? The other person may cry. The person who was broken up during the breakup will naturally be very sad and show it. You can comfort yourself, but don’t be influenced by the other party and change your decision.

The other party may argue with you. No matter what you say, the other party may argue with you and refute your reasons for breaking up. How to start a breakup conversation? Don’t let these trivial arguments affect your thinking. Make sure that the other party knows that the argument will not change your mind.

Bargaining, pleading. The other party may suggest that they will change in order not to break up. How to start a breakup conversation? If you have discussed this issue in the past and the other party hasn’t changed it, then don’t expect them to change now.

The other party may vent fiercely. In order to make yourself feel better, the other person may say something extreme to irritate you. How to start a breakup conversation? You should be prepared for this immature approach, and then just ignore it. But if the other party seriously threatens your personal safety, be careful and leave as soon as possible.

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6. How to start a breakup conversation-Be sure to keep a distance with the other party after breaking up.

Although it is difficult to do, you still have to restrain yourself, don’t call the other person, and don’t go where you know you might meet the other person. How to start a breakup conversation? The most important thing is to keep a distance from the other party. The other person may try to contact you, but don’t have any contact with the other person for at least a few months. This person once occupies a lot of space in your life. Maybe you will always leave a place for the other person deep in your heart, but when it’s time to turn the article, don’t be sloppy.


7. How to start a breakup conversation-focus on new opportunities.

Make time to think about your current situation and better understand your own inner thoughts. Do you remember the things you always wanted to do, but you didnt have the time and energy to do it because of a relationship? Now is the time to re-implement these ideas.

How to start a breakup conversation? go out. Don’t be bored alone. You can hang out with friends or travel, so that you will meet new friends, have fun, and spend less and less time on your ex.

How to start a breakup conversation? Leave familiar life scenes. You can visit the places you have always wanted to go, even the unfamiliar areas in the city where you live. So don’t go to the places you always go, try new places. If you know that your ex will frequent certain places, then don’t go to those places.

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