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How To Make Your Ex Love You Again

How to make your ex love you again? Have you ever had such an insight: originally you have a long-unused thing, such as a hairpin, clothes, a book, or a pen, or even many times you have thought of throwing it away.

But suddenly one day you find that you can’t find it, or it suddenly breaks down, have you ever suddenly felt very sorry, or even feel that it seems to have a lot of use?

Psychology has a psychological phenomenon called: Loss Aversion

How to make your ex fall in love with you again? Scientists once conducted an interesting experiment: half of the students in a class in college were given an ordinary coffee cup, and then asked them to sell their cups to the remaining half of the students who did not get a cup.

Before the sale took place the researchers asked all the students: how much price conditions, willing to buy/sell the cup.

How to make him fall in love again after a breakup? Common sense dictates that the value of the cup would not change and that the price for the buyer and seller should be close.



However, it turned out that the owner of the cup was willing to sell it for twice the price that the student who wanted to buy it was willing to pay.

How to make your ex love you again? Studies on gambling have also found that people are willing to participate when the amount won is about twice and more than the amount lost.

It seems that it takes the happiness of winning two times and more the amount to offset the hurt of losing money.

How to make your ex fall in love with you again? From these experiments we can find that people don’t really have a fixed idea of the value of an item, and when people have to give it up, their sadness is higher than their happiness when they get the item.

See here, do you have any inspiration?




How to make your ex love you again? The recovery strategy I teach you today is based on the premise of such a psychological phenomenon, combined with my experience of tens of thousands of consulting cases, I created and summarized it myself, I call it counter-skimming.

The so-called counter skimming, I give it the definition of.

How to make your ex love you again? When the other party proposed a breakup, the early stage of the ingratiating strategy (yes you read that right), and then a sudden retreat to indicate abandonment, thus provoking the other party loss aversion psychology, change passive to active, change low to high.

A simpler understanding can be, just break up when showing reluctance, apology, pleading and infatuation, and then the back suddenly let him think you dead heart, give up.

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Many people have been insisting on breaking up after the breakup to break the connection.

And here to teach you do have to dwell, and to each other to express your remorse and cherish each other’s attitude, and even to each other a variety of expressions of infatuation and loyalty.

How to make your ex love you again? There are actually many times when we start to wake up, in fact, we have been pleasing and pestering for a long time, then, this strategy is also exactly right for you, I experienced a large number of cases to prove that this strategy is effective.

The following is the role of the anti skimming strategy in recovery or the reason why it will be effective.


1. Loss aversion, even if you are someone he really has not loved, but suddenly let him feel that he lost a person who would have loved him, he will be frustrated and painful, How to make your ex fall in love with you again? thus stimulating his sense of loss and crisis, he will become upset and anxious, and this is the basis of our recovery, the worse he is the more opportunities we have.

2. Terminate the other party’s negative emotions, you may have been entangled for a period of time, How to make your ex love you again? the other party has clearly shown boredom and hate you, this time the use of hair skimming, you can quickly stop the damage, stop the other party’s negative feelings about you.

3. Win self-esteem and pull back your lost status. I have repeatedly stressed that attraction can only occur if the status is equal and equal.

4. In fact, equal relationships are the prerequisite for all healthy relationships, by humble is not like, only let him feel that you are precious, he will want you, remember? The best is the one you can’t get.

5. Reduce each other’s negative emotions, including stress, rebellion, wariness, etc., How to make your ex fall in love with you again? when you have been struggling to pester, he will produce a rebellious psychology, the more you pester to compound, the more he does not want to compound and hate you.

6. He will also have pressure because of your every contact, How to make your ex love you again? he will feel that every time you come to him, are you in order to get back, immediately produce wariness.

7. Imagine, every time you try to contact he is as guarded against you as the enemy, how can he become like you?How to make your ex love you again? A sudden pullback will effectively subtract these negative hindrances.





There are also some points of attention in the counter skimming that you need to pay attention to:

1. Once the implementation of the anti skimming, must be through to the end, to be calm, can not withdraw a few days, see each other did not respond immediately anxious up to contact, so that the strategy is declared a failure.

2. The consistency, the recovery of the counter skimming strategy requires us to maintain consistency, the focus of the counter skimming is to let the other side feel that you have really put down, give up.

3. How to make your ex love you again? If you show that you have given up, and then from time to time you like each other, or go to each other’s space to hang out, or and other friends divulged that you still like him, and so on, then it is declared failure.

4. Decisive, when the time is right, ready to retreat, can not drag, can not hesitate today or nothing to talk, must stop all the contact action.

5. How to make your ex love you again? Prepare to meet the other side of the test, generally speaking, when you take the counter skimming strategy, How to make your ex love you again? if everything is right, the other side is likely to test you, to test whether you really put down, such as he will show that he still likes you, this time must be ready to pass the test.

6. How to make your ex love you again? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more attention after you do a good job, you must be able to show that you have really put down and have a good time, to further strengthen the impression that you have come out, so as to stimulate him more.

7. Be kind to yourself, after you need to make yourself look happier than before, then he saw will be more difficult and psychologically unbalanced.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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