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Heartbreaking Breakup Quotes


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Breakup quotes 1. The fog dispersed that morning, not only in the morning, not only in the fog.

Breakup quotes 2. Hayao Miyazaki once wrote: “you won’t meet a second me, friendship or love. You can accept everything you lose, but I almost didn’t recover when I lost you.

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Breakup quotes 3. It’s impolite to love again when you can’t love.

Breakup quotes 4. Where are you going? We are not on our way.

Breakup quotes 5. Hayao Miyazaki once said that when the person who accompanies you wants to get off the bus, even if you are not willing to give up, you should be grateful and wave goodbye. Everyone’s story starts with a very gentle beginning, but often the end of the story is not worthy of the whole beginning. Remember, every outcome is our best ending.

Breakup quotes 6. I fell down, got up and stood up for a long time. I have to go.

Breakup quotes 7. You are also an ordinary person. I like you. You come from the sea of people, and I return you to the sea of people. I take back the starlight, and you become an ordinary person again. It’s no different from others. Thank you very much for coming. I wish you a safe life and don’t meet again.

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Breakup quotes 8. I will accompany you whatever you want to do. If you want to be free, I wish you a safe journey.

Breakup status9. “If a watch goes wrong, it is wrong every second, but if it stops, it is right at least twice a day.” I mean, maybe it’s right to give up this time.

Breakup status10. I tell you that I love you not because I have to be with you, but because I hope that when you lose heart in the future, I will remember that someone liked you.

Breakup status 11. It has nothing to do with me whether you are tall, thin, haircut or whatever.

Breakup status 12. I’ve come to the end of this road with you. I hope your future road has no end.

Breakup status 13. Thank you for meeting and sharing this journey among thousands of people.

Sad breakup status 14. It may not be easy to wait; It’s easy to hurt.

Breakup status 15. We always make those who care about us cry for us, and we always cry for those who will never care about us, and we care for those who will never cry for us.

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Breakup status 16. When suffering comes, don’t always ask, “Why me?” Because you didn’t ask that question when happiness came.

Heart break status 17. If I know more than others, it’s because I make more mistakes than others.

Heart break status 18. Not every “I’m sorry” can get a “it’s OK”.

Heart break status 19. Don’t make promises when you are happy, don’t answer when you are sad, don’t make decisions when you are angry.

Heart break status 20. The leaves leave because of the pursuit of the wind or the tree does not retain.

Heart break status 21. I don’t even have a picture of him. He lives in my memory.

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Heart break status 22. The reason why I don’t care about you being with other women is that I’m afraid of losing you.

Heart break status 23. No one in the world can live without someone.

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