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Girls Who Fake Break Up All Have These Two Performances

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Girls who fake break up all have these two performances?

In the process of saving love, many people repeatedly speculate about the girl’s thoughts after breaking up

“She is so determined to share with me. Has she had a new love long ago?”

“She said our friends can’t do it. Is it really impossible?”

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No matter what happens to the other person, it’s enough for you to think all night, rack your brains to guess all the possibilities, and even fear the worst of these possibilities. You can’t eat, sleep, and get tired. But in fact, girls also need to vent their emotions after breaking up, maybe chat with friends, as long as she does not show the following aspects, it shows that you still have drama.

Girls who fake break up all have these two performances 1.

Not completely pull black you, occasionally also contact, just very cold.

Fake breakup has a common characteristic: the breakup will not return information, but you send a lot of her reply, the attitude is very cold. This kind of indifference is not the kind that refuses you thousands of miles away, but in her opinion, it should be like this after breaking up. If she is still as enthusiastic as before, wouldn’t it be very humiliating? She looks like this on the surface, but she looks forward to every message from you in her heart. She will carefully consider your expression and mental state when you send this sentence.

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Deletion also can’t completely show that there is no hope at all. As long as you are willing to reply to your message, your heart must still be interested in you. So you have to adjust your mind in the process of replying to this kind of information. After all, you still want to recover. You can’t help but get angry and say “let’s break up”. Of course, the premise is that you do your own promotion.

Girls who fake break up all have these two performances 2.

She is willing to mention you to the people around her.

This is a good sign. After separation, she is willing to take the initiative to mention your things with people around her, indicating that she has not completely put you down in her heart, or she hopes to let you get some information through friends, so that you can take the initiative to retrieve her. Most people don’t understand this truth. It’s understood as a girl’s determination. Since she broke up with her friends openly, it’s definitely out of the question.

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Girls who fake break up all have these two performances. In fact, it’s not like this. When a girl says “we can’t do it anymore”, it actually contains a lot of elements of anger. Maybe she is still angry because of the breakup between you. Maybe she is telling you that “I have to wait for you to coax me.” she doesn’t really want to break up with you. So don’t be scared by this sentence. You can also mention you to people around you, with this kind of anger. It shows that you haven’t completely disappeared in her life, just owe you an apology and prepare for the recovery.

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