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Four Stages a Woman Will Go Through When She Is Lovelorn

It’s inevitable to be sad after breaking up, but I still hope that you can deal with the past feelings rationally. Only time can let you really put down this relationship, use time to forget this person, and gradually you will get used to recovering.

Four stages a woman will go through when she is lovelorn

Stage one: tearing heart and splitting lung

Just break up that period of time, is the most difficult stage, because two people get along for a long time, also already used to the existence and company of another person around. All of a sudden, the man disappeared, no one will get used to it soon. A woman’s heart is soon swept by a strong sense of loneliness, so it’s easy to feel the pain. Maybe one day, when you eat the food you once ate together and pass through the place you once walked together, as long as you come into contact with the things related to that person, you will feel deep pain. Because once loved deeply, so will tear heart crack lung pain.

Stage 2: try to cheer up

After experiencing the most heartbreaking and difficult days, women will warn themselves that they can no longer be so decadent and abandon themselves. They will try to cheer themselves up and stop thinking about these sad things. But, sad is always inevitable, usually slightly encountered some familiar scenes, will be deep in and memories, unable to extricate themselves. During this period, women are struggling with themselves. They are not willing to walk out in their memories. The other half of them force themselves to look forward.

Stage 3: trying to retain

No matter how long time goes by, women will find that they still can’t forget that man and they still love him deeply. When I think about him, I will secretly pick up my mobile phone and look through his circle of friends to see if he has started another relationship recently and has forgotten himself. So, she wanted to indulge herself once, brave once, and summon up the courage to try to retain. As a result, I found that the person had said goodbye to the past and strode forward. Finally, he would not turn back until he broke his head.

Stage 4: relief and liberation

When I know that I can’t get back together with him any more, when I’m hurt to pieces again, the woman is willing to let go of herself. At this stage, women will really free themselves and let themselves completely put down their feelings. When a woman is really liberated, that is, when she is really relieved, she will rally, adjust her mood, meet her new life, meet new friends, and completely get out of the haze of lovelorn.

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Psychological changes of male and female students after breakup

1. Boy’s heart changes

Boys and girls break up, if boys don’t love girls, boys break up; So when a boy proposes to break up, he doesn’t have a little feeling, and he always thinks about the countless shortcomings of girls, so he won’t be sad or sad when he breaks up; Slowly as time goes by, he will forget all about this girl; Because in his heart, this girl did not let him have any moved place, so will feel indifferent, also will not think of this girl; In a year’s time, may be lonely, will think of girls.

If boys love girls very much, they will feel special pain at the moment of separation; Because she has always been everything in his heart, is his all; And the girl left him, how can he not sad, not painful; At the moment of separation, he may want to die; Slowly as time goes by, he tries his best to control his mood and his missing, which will reduce his concern for girls; But in a year’s time, he can’t forget all the girls; Because he paid his heart and true love for girls; That is something unforgettable, that is the most difficult to forget everything, so he can’t forget his beloved girl in a year.

2. Psychological changes of female students

Boys and girls break up, if girls love boys, then break up, girls will be particularly sad, will be particularly painful; Because girls treat feelings, it is very persistent; Men give up girls, girls break up will be sad, but after she is a kind of hate; The biggest difference between men and women is lovelorn; If a man is lovelorn, he will feel special pain in his heart, but he doesn’t regret loving a girl, and he won’t hate a girl; Once a girl is lovelorn, she will hate the boy; At the beginning, she felt pain. After the pain, she hated; Hate oneself to see wrong person, hate a man to cheat oneself; All sins are attributed to men; Sometimes, there is a heart that wants to kill a man; It is at this time that the most poisonous woman’s heart is reflected.
If break up, girls do not love boys, then break up, girls will have some love; Because anyway, she just started to like this man; Looking at the sad look after the man’s lovelorn, in fact, her heart will have a trace of not give up; This is also the main reason why many women can’t leave a man who loves them. Once they feel soft, they stay; But as long as she left him, she would not care so much; But in a year after breaking up, she always thought about this man; Because women are more emotional, good men for her, she always worried about.

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