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First Love Breakup: Why Always?

First Love Breakup –

Most of the first love is in the process of two people growing up, when you are growing up all the way, but the other party can’t keep up, it will be a matter of breaking up sooner or later.

Thinking from another perspective, in life, we all want to be in contact with good people, to make ourselves better, and enter a higher social circle.

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First Love Breakup: Why Always?

First Love Breakup
1. Why does first love always break up?

“My first love broke up with me, I feel so sad. First Love Breakup is normal?”


Sooner or later inappropriate people will separate; good people are always attracted to each other.

The reality is so cruel. Sooner or later, such a relationship will come to an end. It is only a matter of time.

Most of the first love is in the process of two people growing up, when you are growing up all the way, but the other party can’t keep up, it will be a matter of breaking up sooner or later.

Thinking from another perspective, in life, we all want to be in contact with good people, to make ourselves better, and enter a higher social circle. After all, everyone is passionate about pursuing beautiful things, which is really understandable.

In real life, I have also seen too many lovers who break up because of different ideas and different values. Rather than sighing and struggling to keep a relationship, it is better to improve yourself and make yourself better. There is always someone who suits you waiting for you. After all, working hard is the most beautiful.

Just like what Zhang Ailing said: I met someone unexpectedly among thousands of people, and picked up the memories of the past in the boundless wilderness of time in thousands of years.

There is no one step earlier, nor one step late. It just happened to catch up with the familiar past and the silent encounter with love. There is nothing else to say, only a soft question: “Oh, so you are here?”

First Love Breakup
2. Why is first love always short but unforgettable?

In fact, first love may affect your brain.

One day, I heard a friend talk about her first love, she was a tall and handsome boy who took care of her meticulously, wrote love letters, sent breakfast, and so on. But for good luck, they couldn’t be together in the end. Just the day before she was leaving the city, he asked her to take a walk in the playground. That was the first time they held hands. At that time, a star was particularly shining in the playground.

She said that at that time when their hands just touched, she jumped up like an electric shock, and then blushed and ran away.

She said, I have never felt that way before, my heart pounding as if about to jump out. This may be what every girl has experienced, the feeling of first love…

For a long time after that, when she saw the brightest star in the evening sky, she would remember the nervous and sweet mood that day.

Sometimes, the person we once loved so much may become no longer suitable for us, and we slowly seem to no longer need him/her. breaking up with your first love is very sad, I know.

It is very difficult for us to wave goodbye to “first love” completely. It is difficult for us to give up the people, things, and things that have given us so much happiness and a good time.

This is especially true for first love. When we break up for the first time and break up an intimate relationship with the person who fell in love with us at first, it seems to be unfaithful to each other. We will also wonder if the first love is so beautiful, will there be a chance to have such a beautiful intimacy again in the future, and feel this sense of security of being accepted and trusted.

As time goes by, the distance between us and our first love seems to be getting farther and farther, and the first love gradually disappears in our memory. Because of certain clues, when I remembered it accidentally, it was so profound and unforgettable.

First Love Breakup
(1) Why is first love always impressive?

In empirical research, it is difficult to accurately define “first love” in terms of concepts and methods.

As the times change, people have more and more understanding of first love, and their understanding of romantic relationships has become clearer.

The characteristic of a romantic relationship is to pay for the happiness of the lover, and gradually build up feelings of intimacy, sexuality, exclusivity, acceptance, respect, understanding, truthfulness, trust, and enjoyment.

The definition of first love is a deeper relationship than the “short, passionate and shy love” called “Crush”.

First love is always related to youth. In many cultures, the average age of first love is between 13 and 17 years old. And youth makes this experience more profound and unique.

There are many important differences between first love and general romantic love. First love is more likely to be unique and perfect, emphasizing being together, sharing, and communicating. The characteristics of first love are idealism, innocence, emotional connection, mutual participation, longing for the future, and longing for the lover to be by his side.

First Love Breakup
(2) Will first love affect the intimacy afterward?

The benefits of being in love may not only be the feeling of a rapid heartbeat.

Researchers compared the brain activity patterns of people who are in love and those who have lost love.

The results indicate that love may affect the functional structure of the brain areas related to romantic love. Although this type of research is still in its infancy, such findings raise the possibility that the experience of first love lays the foundation for later relationships. On a physiological basis, it may be possible to influence the brain’s emotions and behaviors related to love. The way of handling, thus affecting the future of intimacy.

Unlike mature romantic relationships, first love often ends with the growth of both parties. Studies have shown that when people no longer treat their partners in an original way, cannot seek common ground while reserving differences, or conflicts become irreconcilable, they are likely to stop loving each other.

In mature love, no longer in love may be due to a violation of necessary qualities in a relationship, such as deception, concealment, disrespect, and sexual or emotional infidelity. These signs mean that one or both parties have “changed their hearts”, or the relationship between the two is no longer suitable. This breakup caused by betrayal can make the injured party feel hostile or pain.

First love is different, because when you are young, each other will grow up, and the object of first love will develop new interests, abilities, and desires. If the relationship breaks down because of growth, there is no reason to have such a deep resentment.

First Love Breakup
3. Write at the end

Getting over first love break up –

The first love of adolescence is always shrouded in the light of innocence and idealism. In our hearts, we always keep a corner for the first love. We also know that as each other grows up, our young love partners will no longer meet our new needs. But that person once attracted us so much, at least for that moment, our hearts beat for each other.

If you are lucky enough to be together with your first love, I wish you this uniqueness; if you finally part ways with your first love, don’t get too indulged in the past, bless each other, and raise your heads forward.

First love break up advice – “Some people are superficial, and some are inferior. One day you will meet a rainbow-like person. When you meet this person, you will feel that everyone else is just a cloud.”

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