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Why Girl Feeling Numb After A Breakup?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:Feeling numb after a breakup

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Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? Women are emotional, after breaking up will experience ups and downs of psychological fluctuations. All the past, whether sweet or painful, will be accompanied by these psychological ups and downs, until it is recovered and buried. After breaking up, every woman will experience a period of painful psychological adjustment, you are not the only one who needs to endure all this. Please believe in yourself, everything will gradually get better.

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After breaking up, women will go through six psychological stages.

Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? The first stage: depression

Women at this stage will feel that they are the saddest women in the world. Frustration, loneliness, sadness, fear… All these unpleasant feelings come to my heart together, like a fire, baking the broken heart.

Depressed, so that women are very pessimistic about everything in the future, do not know how to do. Every plant and tree around us will remind women of all kinds of good things in the past, especially want to go back to the past, want to get back together.

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Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? The second stage: numbness

When a woman’s heartache reaches a certain level, she will be numb.

At this stage, women will not know how to eat, can not sleep at night, the whole person in a trance; At this stage, a woman’s tears have dried up, her anger and chagrin have been vented, and she is exhausted. She just wants to be quiet, and sometimes she talks to herself. It can last for days, even weeks. Do not have too much pressure, feel depressed, with the passage of time, everything will be OK.

Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? The third stage: reason comes back slowly

This is the first ray of sunshine after the dark. When all the sorrows are over, women tend to have a thorough understanding and come back to their senses slowly. Women will start to think rationally and review what led to the breakup and whether it is feasible to compound.

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From this stage, women began to learn to walk out of the break-up, began to erase everything before, began to adapt to a person’s life, and began to return to the previous state of independence and focus on themselves.

Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? The fourth stage: force yourself to forget the past

At this stage, driven by reason, women let themselves accept the fact of breaking up, and actively take various actions, so that they have no time to care about the past, and finally forget the past.

For example, let yourself indulge in work, indulge in what you like to do, spend more time with family and friends, and make up for the lack of love with family and friendship

Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? The fifth stage: emotional repetition

Although they return to rationality and force themselves not to think, they still can’t help thinking of the past, accompanied by sadness, depression and tears.

The healing of love injury can not be completed overnight, unless the woman in this relationship is suffering and hurt, breaking up for her is a kind of escape and rebirth. Otherwise, the feelings of nostalgia and regret will still recur, and the longer the relationship lasts, the more you pay, the more you repeat.

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At this time, you might as well treat these repeated emotions with a normal heart, relax and leave everything to time. A few months, a year, a few years, don’t think too much. As time goes on, the frequency of repeated emotions will be less and less, and the interval will be longer and longer.

Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? The sixth stage: really put it down

At the last stage, women really put it down and are finally ready to move on to meet new men and enter into new relationships.


Why girl feeling numb after a breakup? After breaking up, a woman will go through six psychological stages: Depression – numbness – reason comes back slowly – forcing herself to forget the past – emotional repetition – really put it down. So, after breaking up, don’t worry, take your time, believe in yourself, everything will pass, everything is slowly getting better.

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