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Breakup Anniversary: To Let Ex Back!

Why do you remember the breakup anniversary? Is it because you haven’t gotten over your ex? If your answer is yes, this article today teaches you how to get your ex back.


Before you make up

1. Why did you break up?

You need to think about this question.

Questions to ask yourself.


– What was the reason why things didn’t work out between you the first time?

– Was there an argument? What were the arguments about?

– What is the connection between the breakup and everything that went wrong in your relationship in the first place?

– Was the reason for your breakup something you could overcome?

– Did they cheat? Did you cheat? Can it be forgiven?


Breakup anniversary: Think about all the things your partner has done that made you want to break up with them, or all the things you have done that made them break up with you.

Now is the time to be critical of their personality and behavior, but it is also the time, more than ever, to explore some good self-criticism.

Anniversary after break up: Any relationship expert will tell you not to put all the blame on your partner, because it’s absolutely impossible to get you back together.

Breakup anniversary: Think carefully about all the environmental factors in your relationship that could easily be changed with a little more effort on both sides, but also focus on the mistakes you’ve both made that led to the person you are now.



2. Can they make you happy? Can you make them happy?

If you’re considering whether getting back together with your ex is the right decision for you, there’s one question you absolutely need to answer.

Breakup anniversary: Let me review. You broke up because one person hurt the other, or you both hurt each other.

Often, when people decide to break up, it can be a super hasty decision due to all the pain you’re feeling at the time, or it can be a well-thought-out decision.

Breakup anniversary: If you think long and hard before you actually break up, there is much less chance that your relationship will be able to recover.

Why is this? It could mean that your partner wasn’t able to make you happy enough to continue your relationship (or, that you couldn’t make them happy enough).

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If something happens and you hastily decide to end the relationship, it’s likely that you’re right to want your ex back.

Breakup anniversary: Once the storm has passed, you will be able to think more clearly about everything that happened between you and your ex.

Ask yourself.

– Is there anything else you can give them?

– Do they have something to offer that will make you happy?

– Are they the person you want to be with?

– What do you want in a partner and in life?

– In their way, can they be a part of it?

– Are there things they need to work out before they try a second time?


3. Restore your confidence

Breakup anniversary: It’s possible that the time between your breakup and now was filled with pain, grief, questioning everything, listening to everyone’s relationship advice, and trying to move on – or at least make it seem like you’ve moved on.

If you want to truly get back together with your ex in a healthy, mature way, you have to think about your own happiness. Put yourself first for a while; see what happens.


Anniversary after break up: Focus on yourself. Regain the confidence you lost as a result of a failed relationship, being cheated on, or whatever happened between you and your ex.

Accepting that what happened was a part of life and probably only a small part of your otherwise great relationship (I’m guessing it was, otherwise why would you want to go back) is a very good place to start.

Give your soul some pampering – it needs that pampering to keep going. Give your body some exercise too – it will definitely make you feel confident.

Breakup anniversary: Think about who you are, in the absence of other people. Give yourself some time.

This is not a new relationship, just a chapter of an old one, so ……


4. Discuss your old problems

YES. Now is the time to uncover old wounds. You have to do this. Leaving your problems in the past and just hoping they won’t happen again is never a good choice.

If your problems are big enough to cause a breakup, that means they absolutely need to be talked about. Try to give it all a new perspective, a fresh set of eyes.

Breakup anniversary: Approach your problems from a completely different perspective – your partner’s perspective. If they can do the same, that’s great.

When discussing things, pay as much attention as possible to how your partner is feeling as you go through everything together.


At the end of the process, you can say that you understand what went wrong and have found a new way to deal with the problem.

Breakup anniversary: If you still can’t understand in any way exactly what happened and why they behaved the way they did, you may start to think about not getting back together with them.

Breakup anniversary: If you want to be part of a healthy relationship, it’s necessary to address your old issues before you move on to anything new.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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