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Being Cut Off By Someone You Love

Being cut off by someone you love, What should you do?

A friend who was suddenly blacked out by his girlfriend, the incident made every word he sent afterwards prompted a cruel rejection, leaving him without any chance to explain or plead.

This moment made him feel that this person is obviously in the world, but in his heart like really disappeared, because he could no longer contact her, he found messages to her she could no longer see.

He said to me, this breakup, the beloved person black feeling, as if millions of ants crawling on him, all over the body, pain…



In fact, being blacked out by the person you like is a common basic form of “lost love”. Being cut off by someone you love: There are many people who don’t understand being loved and are afraid of being loved, because they feel that being black represents that the person has completely hated you, and also represents that it is over between you.

Being cut off by someone you love: Although the other party pulled the black you, but they are also bad inside themselves, because they once loved you so much, so do not want to two people break up too ugly, after all, if you get together, that even if the two people broke up after no contact can still let them see you, their hearts can also retain a look forward to.


The person who pulled you black is not really want to hide far away, but want to get away from the pressure and negative emotions you bring, because close to the two people will quarrel again, so that the conflict between the two people deeper and deeper.

At the same time, you should also know that they blacked you out does not mean that he does not look forward to contact with you, just that they do not expect you to contact in this state. Being cut off by someone you love: If you can get along with each other afterwards, they will be able to pull you back and feel relieved.


And when you now know that the blackout thing actually means that

1. They are running away from your emotions

2. They are also very sad

3. They do not want your relationship to end in this way

Then you can take advantage of these psychological, pulling the black into an opportunity for relationship transformation.

Then you can according to your own situation, with the following methods to solve:


1. Change your self-image to create a sense of freshness

Being cut off by someone you love: Throw all the old clothes that you have worn before, the ground, and the clothes that don’t fit into the trash.

Buy new clothes may not be more expensive, but must be exquisite. These clothes are a hint and a reminder to men when it comes to getting back, so that they can see your value.

Being cut off by someone you love: The focus of the image makeover when redeeming is not to move ourselves, much less for us to go behind closed doors. We must first analyze the preferences of our predecessors in depth, and use this as a reference for our image makeover.

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2. Establish their own principles and bottom line

The first thing you need to do is to have your own principles and bottom line, when you say no you must say.

Being cut off by someone you love: In the early stages of recovery, you are probably still in a friend stage, remember, you are not lovers at this time, although you can talk and chat normally, or even flirt dating, but certainly not to have sex. This is your bottom line, the embodiment of your self-respect and self-love.

As long as your self-esteem is lowered and your personality is damaged by any thing and request, you should be firmly blocked at the door, never compromise to each other.

Being cut off by someone you love: Of course, sometimes you understand this rationally, but in the emotional can not control themselves, this time you need to have a strong self-discipline and self-reliance spirit as support.


3. Do not contact each other too much

Do not contact each other too much, but keep in touch with each other.

Being cut off by someone you love: According to the other party’s psychological state to decide whether it is necessary to disconnect, the other party to your psychological defense and confrontation is unusually strong, we need to disconnect; if the other party does not show so much antipathy to you, then in fact, we do not need to completely disconnect.


4. Establish and develop new hobbies and activities

Being cut off by someone you love: Take good care of your own life and show your independence to your ex. Independence is actually the image of our ability.

When the former sees our ability to image, he will know that even with you back together, they will not carry too much pressure, which will eliminate their own worries.


5. Economic independence

In the relationship, women only keep economic independence, in order to maintain physical and mental independence.

When you have a stable income and economic resources, you will be able to do what you want to do, you will have more confidence in the relationship.

Being cut off by someone you love: If a woman has no economic base or earning power in the relationship, then you will look extremely passive in the relationship. Because you have no more economic base, so you have to find a man to ask for money to spend.

Being cut off by someone you love: The man is in a good mood, he may give you more pocket money. If the man is in a bad mood, he is more stingy and petty, then he may not want to give you a penny.

So, women want to not be at the mercy of men or around, you desire to love with dignity, then you must always pay attention to maintain economic independence.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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