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Meet New Friends And True Love

In order to help single men and women from all over the world find a partner, I personally tried hundreds of dating apps. They all have their own advantages, some are free, some need to pay.

Dating Apps

After my test and investigation, there is a dating app that is most praised and humanized by everyone. Many single men and women find their partners in this app. It’s BothLive.

BothLive chat

Here’s a video of BothLive:

I found the operating company of this app, and after three days of negotiation, I won the best benefits for my readers. 

1. Use this exclusive link to download the APP

Click the download link( to get VIP privileges. Remember, you must click this link to download to get VIP!

Select the correct area code, enter your phone number, click “Send Verification Code”, fill in the six-digit verification code, set your own password, and finally click “Accept Invitation”. The APP will be automatically downloaded and installed.

2. Login

Log in with your registered mobile phone number and password, set your own username, upload your avatar (note that it must be a face photo), and the login is successful!

3. Meet your true love

As long as you click the above link to download, you can get exclusive VIP privileges. You can give your free gift to the girl or boy you like. You can chat with people from another country without restriction, and the app will automatically translate the other’s language into your language.

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